Garden Fencing: Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence

bamboo fence

Homes with lush gardens often require fencing to keep unwanted intruders out. Natural bamboo is a good choice for natural beauty and lasting design, but it also needs to be fitted properly. If not installed correctly, the fence will sag and look unkempt in no time. On the other hand, if your bamboo is installed properly, you’ll have a lovely addition to your home garden that will last many years without needing maintenance!

Finding the Right Bamboo

When choosing bamboo to install as fencing, use only stalks that are straight and avoid all that are curled or twisted. These properties will be true of all bamboo, but you can get a good idea of sturdiness by placing the stalk on one end on the ground, then holding it upright with one hand. If there is any give to it, it’s not strong enough for bamboo fencing home depot.

Also look for four-year-old clumps that have just begun to shoot up. This is when bamboo is at its strongest and most solid. Avoid using new growth as this is a very weak time in the development of the plant and you’ll end up with sagging fencing very quickly.

Cutting the Bamboo

Ideally you’ll want to use a professional saw to cut your fencing. If you don’t have access to one, then a sharp hand pruning saw will do. You can find these in gardening stores or online. If you’ve purchased bamboo through a mail order company, it should be delivered with the bottom few inches of the stalk already cut; this is called “butt-cut.” 

If not, and you have to cut it yourself, it’s good to know how much length is often left on the stalk when bought from these companies. With most companies this is about 2 inches when delivered. An easy way to safely cut garden material with a saw is to use the machete method.

Using the Saw

To cut your bamboo, make an L- or U-shaped cut in the top of the stalks where you want to begin and then cut across it all the way down to the ground. An easy way to do this is to spread one hand flat on a table while you hold down one end of your fencing. 

With a saw, start at that sharp edge and work back towards you until you get through each section. If there are any knots, sever them right away as they will weaken your fencing prematurely.

Use of Nails

The next step is to cut your bamboo into pieces that can be used as fencing. For this you’ll need a nail gun and 6 penny or 8 penny nails (1 inch or 1 inch and a half in length). Start by nailing the shorter nails into the bottom of the stalks; you want them to make a little home in each one. These will act as “feet” on each piece and make the fence stand straight up, but they also give it strength. 

Then place the longer nails through these at an upward angle, securing them completely into the stalk with pressure from your nail gun. Repeat this for all of your bamboo, making sure each stalk is firmly attached to another along its length. The pressure of the nails will hold each piece firmly in place along the full length of the piece.

Use of the Elbows

The next step is to secure each piece to one another. This is where you’ve saved that rolled bamboo that was cut off at an upward angle when you initially purchased it. If you don’t have any of this, then purchase extra and cut it off as a separate part, taking care to make sure each side is equidistant from each other as well as horizontal to itself.

Lay one long piece of bamboo next to another, keeping them vertical and parallel, with the exterior edges parallel with each other. Nail in place along the top, leaving about 1 inch between them. Next, lay a shorter piece horizontally across this strip of bamboo. Nail in place along this strip as well, to hold it securely in place. Do this with all your lengths until you’ve completed your fencing!

Using Bamboo for Fence

Your fencing is now complete and ready for use! Now you can do any number of creative things with it. Perhaps you’ll have a flower bed inside your new bamboo fence and surround it with an arch made out of smooth stones that fit together perfectly. 

You can also plant some wild flowers in groves at each end to make a lovely natural fence, or you can treat your bamboo fencing just like a wooden fence and use it for other projects, such as a decorative garden gate.

With the elegance and beauty of bamboo fencing, you’re sure to create a stunning addition to your home garden.


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