If you’re looking to get dreadlocks as an alternative parting technique for voluminous hair meaning, we’ve got all the information you need right here. Check out this article as it contains step-by-step instructions on how to get your dreadlocks fast. With these easy instructions, you’ll have all the time and resources you need to perfect your hair style and achieve great results in no time!

1. Start with clean hair:

If you have oily hair make sure you wash it a day before installing the dreadlocks. The best way to start is by washing your hair with a mild shampoo followed by some conditioning from your ends up to the roots. This will ensure that your dreads don’t get too dry in between washes and that they stay at the perfect state of moisture.

2. Use wax or creme:

There are various types of wax for dreadlocking, such as beeswax, palm kernel oil wax and vegetable based waxes such as olive oil or coconut oil. Then there are cremes, which come in either a liquid or a solid form. A wax will offer hold and strength, whereas a creme will moisturize the hair and make it easier to style.

3. Section off your hair:

You want to section off all of your hair into thin sections and start detangling them gently with a comb. If you dreadlock without detangling, you’ll end up with dreadlocks that have tangles inside of them which can be very painful when you try to remove them and also hard to style. So check out our article on how to comb out dreadlocks for more information on this subject! 

4. Make your backing:

If you’re using an adhesive to make your dreadlocks, it’s good to use some backing material as this will offer the necessary support. To do this, you can use a strip of cloth, a bandana or even a headband. Just be sure that the backing material is not too thick as it will prevent the adhesive from sticking.

5. Preparing the dreadlock adhesive:

Whatever kind of adhesive you choose to use, you’ll want to make sure that it’s properly prepared for application. There are two things you need to know about dreadlock adhesives: what base they are made from and how fast they set on your hair. For example, most creams are water based whereas pastes tend to be oil based. The other thing you need to know is how long they take to set. For example, a slower drying paste is better suited for tighter dreadlocks as the strands will have less time to move around and get tangled up.

6. Put on your backing:

You can now go ahead and put your backing on your head like a hair net or as a headband for thinner dreadlocks. Then you need to apply the adhesive starting from the section you’re currently working on or from the back, depending on the type of adhesive that you’re using.

7. Start your dreadlocks:

You can start by combing your hair in the direction you want the dreads to be. Then apply the adhesive on the section, starting from the back and spread it carefully but quickly with your fingers or a brush. You want to make sure that no strands are left out of place otherwise they might slide away from your head and get stuck under the backing material (and then you won’t be able to take out your dreadlocks later on). 

8. Secure it with an elastic band:

You can now secure each strand in place with an elastic band. Just make sure you do this gently as if you pull too hard on the elastic band, it will get stuck in your dreadlocks. And then it’ll be there forever!

9. Repeat the process:

Continue with the rest of your hair and try to keep as much space as possible between each dreadlock, as tight dreadlocks will look and feel better than ones that are too close or too thin. Then set the adhesive with a hair dryer on a medium heat setting from about 30 cm away. This will ensure that your dreadlocks are set properly in place and won’t fall off at all – no matter what situation you put them through!

10. Style your dreadlocks:

After they’ve dried off, you can now take the backing out of your hair and start to style your dreadlocks. To do this, you can brush them out a bit or even use a mini-towel wrap to give them that wild look. 

11. Wash them with your favorite shampoo:

Washing your dreadlocks is the most important part of their maintenance as this will keep them clean and prevent you from getting too many unwanted flakes and dirt in between them. You should wash them with shampoo at least once every other week or even more often if you sweat a lot or get exposed to a lot of pollution.

12. Take care of them:

There are lots of things that you can do to keep your dreadlocks in a good condition, such as using wax or creme to make them stronger or even using a light moisturizer. You should also wear a hat when it’s raining and / or cold outside as this will protect your locks from getting wet and from drying out too much.

13. Enjoy your look:

You now know all there is to know about how to get dreadlocks fast and you’re all set for an easy installation process! So relax, take some time out of your day and enjoy the great hairstyle that you have waiting for you! 


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