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I am the owner of empereon marketing llc phoenix az. I specialize in creative and innovative marketing and public relations. I have built a great reputation in the marketplace of real estate marketing & sales. I am married to a beautiful professional wife that is the proud mom of two fantastic kids.

The last couple of years I have been actively involved in the development of marketing and public relations tools for the Phoenix market. My clients have included many of the most prominent corporations, including American Express, Arizona State University, American Airlines, and the Arizona Department of Higher Education.

My name is David. I am from Southern California and have a passion for business and the ability to get results. Through my work as a real estate agent I have developed a professional and personal relationship with a number of the top real estate companies in the state of Arizona. I have also been involved in the development of marketing tools for the Phoenix market.

Phoenix is the gateway to the west, a destination of opportunities and excitement. The lure of the region is strong; there are more people here than in the rest of the country, we have a world-class lifestyle, and just like everyone else we are striving to be the best.

I’ve got to admit that I’ve had my fingers in a lot of different marketing pots over the years, and that includes real estate, but I’ve never really had my finger on the pulse of what is going on in the Phoenix market. And of course, I’m no longer a real estate agent. I’m a full-time internet marketer. In this post, I’m going to talk about how I’ve been able to help the real estate market in Phoenix find its feet.

Now Ive got my finger on the pulse of real estate, and what I have learned has nothing to do with real estate agents. But Ive found that I can help people find their dream home. Thats right, Im actually going to talk about real estate marketing. It has been a lot of fun. No, Im not talking about real estate agents who do the actual buying and selling of real estate.

My favorite part was talking to real estate agent who had just bought a house where she was told by the seller that there was nothing wrong with her land. But after talking to the real estate agent who owned the other house, she said that she bought that land because she loved the view.

And now the real estate agent is selling that land to someone who never had a view of a view. The agent doesn’t know the view is a bad thing, she just likes it. Its like when you see a house with a really big picture of a waterfall on the front and it just says “wish you were here” in a very subtle way.

Of course, our agents are in a weird spot because they don’t know what is a view and what is a bad thing. And so they’re just trying to make money off of us.

The land in question is a piece of land in the mountains of Arizona that has an old ski lodge, but the view is just really, really big. We can’t even tell you what that view is. Its a view that makes the ski lodge look like a tiny house. That’s the type of thing that makes the “view” mean something entirely different than the word “view”.


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