Do Business Blogs Help Your Company?


With the increase in social media and digital marketing, Business Blogs have become an important tool for many companies. Business blogs are a great way to share your brand’s story with potential customers; they can also be an effective means of generating leads or improving search engine optimization (SEO). Business blog content should be engaging, shareable, and informative – not just about your company but on topics related to your industry as well. Follow these steps at to make sure you’re getting the most out of this marketing strategy!

Steps to make Business Blogs work for your business:

  • Do you have an existing blog? If not, what are the adoption barriers?
  • When is it appropriate to start a Business Blog?
  • How often should Business Blog posts be updated?
  • How long should they be in order to ensure readers see value from them and keep coming back again and again?
  • Is there such a thing as too much content or do you just need better quality content that more effectively conveys the message of your company’s story?
  • Are blogs worth doing over social media or other digital marketing strategies if so why/why not?
  • What platform will I use my Business Blog on (blogger, WordPress)? Does this limit which blogging topics I can cover?

Business blogs have been around for some time now (since 1997!), but their usefulness has grown with the increase in people using social media. Businesses struggle to keep up with what works best for them – do they start a Business Blog, stick to only social media channels, or combine both into one cohesive strategy? The answer is different depending on your unique needs as well as the size and type of your business.

Most Business Blogs are run by marketing teams, but that doesn’t have to be the case – it’s not uncommon for an individual department or team members with a focus on content creation and promotion to also take responsibility for Business Blogging.

Business Blogging is worth doing if it fits with your goals. One thing that’s true regardless of which option is chosen: don’t overlook quality because all too often businesses get caught up in quantity instead. It may take longer upfront but will pay off long-term when readers find what they need from Business Blog posts consistently.

What Business Blogging Plugins should I use to enhance the functionality of my blog?

Yoast SEO Plugin: A plugin that helps improve search engine optimization. It not only checks for spelling errors, but also ensures your content is formatted correctly and will help you reach more people online!

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: Provides insight on how many visitors are coming to your website from which country, what posts they’re reading, where they came in at (search engines or social media), etc. This information can be used to better understand the needs and interests of potential readers before posting new content.”

All In One Seo Pack: Helps make sure all important tags are set up properly so that when someone searches for your company, Business Blog or blog post it will show up at the top of Google.

ShareButtons: Allows you to easily share Business Blog posts on social media channels with one click!

What is a good mix between informative posts and articles that are more promotional in nature?

There’s no set formula for what works best – each business should analyze their goals before choosing which strategy they want to go with. Some businesses find success by only posting Business Blogs while others choose to supplement them with other digital marketing strategies such as Facebook Ads or Twitter Advertising. The most important thing is not getting caught up in quantity over quality because both readers and search engines tend to respond better when well thought out blog content is created.


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