Digital Marketing: How to Find Your Unique Value Proposition


There are so many choices for consumers these days, it is harder than ever to connect with everyone. Digital marketing takes this on-line audience and makes them feel like they are connecting with the company, not just any old product. So what’s the answer? Your unique value proposition.

Digital marketing helps make your company stand out through unique content, friendly customer service, and reaching out to new communities. Yet finding your key ingredients of making you different can be difficult without some guidance. Follow these steps below compiled by NCR Report Cards to help find that perfect mix that will allow you the opportunity to thrive in this competitive digital world:

The Winning Formula For Successful Digital Marketing in 2018


1. Your Value Proposition is Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is the central concept of your business and the guidebook that will keep you moving forward. It should be simple, because a lot of people can have a complex mission statement. You need a no-nonsense approach to your marketing so people will really understand what you’re trying to do. Remember, there were already other companies doing this before you came into existence.

2. How First Mentioned Your Value Proposition Will Be

People often think that “having unique value propositions” is just about being out there telling them about the products and services they need. After all, those are the first things they’ll see. The truth is your value proposition will be mentioned in a lot of places throughout your marketing efforts. Here are a few ways you might go about doing so.

3. How Some Things Will Be Approachable

You’ve done a convincing job of making one point clear you want to be different! But how is that different? Well, you can do it in several ways depending on who is looking for this information and whom they are looking for it from.

4. Why You Are One of One Kind of Company or Person

One way to define what you do is to define the kind of company or person that does it. You can do this by using endorsements, testimonials or just telling potential customers that you are one of the only businesses that provides the service they are looking for.

5. What Respondents Have Said

It’s always helpful to know what your potential customers have to say about you. Perhaps another business has done a survey of their customers on your behalf, or maybe you want to conduct one yourself. One way or another, market research is useful in telling others why they should choose you over everyone else.

6. When You Will Be Recommended

As you know, you’re trying to stand out. Only once your customers have found your value proposition will they begin recommending you to others. This will usually come in the form of an ad for you either through display advertisements or paid search ads.

7. What You Can Offer That Others Can’t

You may think the only way to be different is by offering something that no one else does, but that can often be misleading. Instead, it makes more sense to focus on why you are different from the competition although this should always bear in mind what customers are telling other customers about your business.

8. How You Will Be Presentable

The second half of your value proposition will be how you present this to people. Will your website look like the rest of the competition? Maybe you feel that other businesses can’t pull off a strong image so you think it should be yours alone. Or maybe you just want to focus on other aspects, like content that educates people, but still work with companies that can help you do that.

9. How You Will Integrate With Other Businesses

Many people would rather let others handle their marketing work than attempt it themselves because they think they are not good at it. You may even want to work with another business to talk about your own services in more detail.

10. How You Will Be Remembered

You want to be different, but you don’t want to forget that people like things that are easy for them. This is where your value proposition really needs to shine because you need people to be able to remember it. So make sure that whatever you’re saying sticks in people’s minds, whether they spent one second reading it or five minutes reading it.

11. How You Will Be Found

There are lots of ways to talk about being different. The key is that if people are looking for what you offer, they should be able to find it. That means that it’s time to start thinking about search engine optimization and other online marketing techniques that will help you rise above the rest of the competition and be found by everyone who needs you.

12. How You Will Be Designed

But before we get too involved in the details of your website, there needs to be some organization behind your brand and brand image. A big part of this is how it looks, but also how it sounds and feels when people interact with it on a daily basis.

13. What You Can Achieve

Now that you’ve defined why people should choose you, it’s time to talk about what you can actually do for them. What results will this value proposition lead to? Are you offering a great product at a great price? Maybe your value proposition is built around helping potential customers achieve their goals and dreams. Whatever the case, make sure that whatever benefits your business offers is clearly laid out in your marketing efforts.




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