Curly hair is a lot of work, but it looks good on almost every woman. If you’re struggling with getting that beautiful look, there are plenty of shortcuts you can use to help.

First, make sure your hair is completely dry before using any product on its hairitage curl creme review. (Curly hair isn’t like straight hair where wet locks can be styled.) Second, apply a leave-in conditioner to reduce frizz and give your curls some extra moisture. Third, wait around 2-3 minutes between each curl or wave and sculpt the curl into its final shape for maximum hold without weighing your curls down.

1. Deep Condition

It’s not like your straight-haired friends, who can wash and go. You need to work curl care into your schedule regularly, like deep conditioning treatments and trimming the ends every four to six weeks.

2. Baby Powder

When hair gel makes your curls too stiff, soak a cotton ball in baby powder and apply it to the area where you applied the gel for volume without stiffness.

3. Work It Out First

If you’re running late or just don’t have time for a lengthy routine, simply work out your hair first by doing jumping jacks or putting it up in a bun until sweat softens the curls for easier styling.

4. Braid It

It not only saves time but also gives you the ability to use a curler or dryer to your advantage. When styling hair with bobby pins, you can use the pin as a guide when placing curlers in an upward motion.

5. Bantu Knots

When you can’t deal with all that hair, bantu knots are simply an easy way of dividing your hair into manageable sections so your head looks smaller than it actually is. The end result is basically ponytails for people with long hair!

6. Try A Texturizer

A texturizer is often a salon’s go-to product to help create curls. It’s used to smooth hair into the shape of a curl and shape it back out again. The result gives a more natural look than gel or mousse and is not as hard on hair as products like wax.

7. Layered Up

Keeping your curls together can be a pain. To keep things interesting, try layering your hair using two rods or bobby pins for texture as opposed to putting them in a pinning motion. Curls that are kept together may dry faster, which can help eliminate frizz.

8. Braid It

Using a braid instead of curlers will not only help you control the placement of your hair, but also provide you with bigger and better curls.

9. Get A Good Cut

You might have to pay a little bit more for this one, but getting a great haircut can help make your curly hair look better than it ever has before. The right cut can instantly give your hair volume that lasts all day and the right look for your face shape. For instance, if you have long curly hair, making it short is a bad idea. Short hair usually looks like “long straight” hair. If you have small-framed people, a bob cut is not for you.

10. Curl With A Pin

When you have a stylist giving you good service and when you want to curl your hair with minimal styling time, use pins as opposed to curlers to gently curl every section. This will prevent the dreaded frizz that occurs when hair gets tangled too much.

11. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Heat

Hot tools can be used on curly hair if it’s well-conditioned, especially those with specific needs (like natural African American or Asian curls). Use a curling iron on a cool setting, with the temperature set to 250-300F. If your hair is too damaged, use a heat-protection spray.

12. Don’t Be Afraid To Lose It

Lighten up in the shower or while washing your hair with a homemade shampoo and conditioner or apple cider vinegar if it’s simple to style later. Lightening up curls lets you mix up your look and recreate waves or volume with the styling products you choose afterwards. (Source: )

13. Pull It Back

Instead of doing a top knot, which can be difficult to put back in place, pull your hair back in a low ponytail. You can always add curls later on by using different products.

14. Use Curling Sheets

If you have curly hair just like the ones on the Internet (and if you don’t, you have to do it!), use a curling iron to curl your ends first and then roll them into shape once they’re dry. Remember that curly hair is fragile, so don’t leave it out overnight or anything like that as you may damage it.

15. Don’t Wash It Everyday

The rule of washing your hair as little as possible applies here too. Curly hair is more vulnerable to damage because of its texture, so it’s a good idea not to wash it every day. Using a dry shampoo will also help you — and help your hair look better — in between washes.

16. Mousse With A Blowdryer

Don’t apply mousse all over your curls: instead, apply the mousse at the root of the curls and apply mousse generously on your hair when you blow dry it into shape with a round brush or a diffuser.


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