Crashes immediately after fast traveling -Skyrim Special Edition


Having recently downloaded and installed Skyrim SPECIAL EDITION, I found there was a problem with fast travelling. Essentially the game would crash if you attempted to do so. I come across many people who are having this issue, most notably on Reddit.

It is really annoying when you want to go for an adventure outside of the city or head off to some other dungeon but you can’t because the game keeps crashing every time you fast travel!

The answers discussed why skyrim crashing on fast travel?

Luckily though there’s a solution which seemed to come up most often among people who were experiencing issues, and that solution was simply uninstalling then reinstalling Skyrim SE. A lot of gamers said that their game then started running fine without any crashes whatsoever after this fix was used.

Here are some points discussed about Crashes immediately after fast traveling-

1. Most people said their game crashed after they fast travelled their character. 

So not only did it crash the game but it was impossible to travel anywhere else because when you try to fast travel your character would crash. 

This would mean that you have to quit the crashing version of Skyrim SE and then reset it by creating a new profile (which will delete all your save files, so make sure you back them up first). 

Several people said that they didn’t experience a problem with loading and fast travelling at all, even after reinstalling Skyrim SE many times and still no crashes occurred with any of them. 

This caused me to think that maybe there’s something wrong with my computer’s drivers or something. I’ve tried to fix the issue by troubleshooting according to Bethesda’s help page, but it still didn’t solve my problem.

2. It crashed when the autosave function was activated.

I find this one particularly strange because there is nothing I can do exactly to avoid crashing on autosaves. It appears to be somewhat random, as most people have said that they crash whenever they fast travel but some other people crash every time they’re on an autosave point (which makes sense as they are saving constantly).

3. The game stops working after fast travelling and immediately crashes.

This is the one that happened to me a lot, and the most damaging of them all. It seems like the game waits for a short time before crashing but then crashes within seconds of being fast travelled. This would mean that you have about 3 seconds to react (if you know what to do) before it’s too late, so be careful!

4. The game crashes after doing a few quests, but not after fast travelling.

When I was trying to go for some more achievements and save up for some of the other Skyrim special edition content I always noticed that the game would crash straight away if I fast travelled between different areas, even if I hadn’t completed any of the quests in said area yet. 

This makes me think that there’s something wrong with my save files or something as it doesn’t happen when I’m just travelling to places that are far away from any quests. 

I’ve tried deleting my saved games and creating a new profile (which deletes all of my previous save games, so make sure you backup your saves first before doing this) but it still hasn’t fixed the problem. It may be because the quest lines are being broken (I don’t know for sure).

5. Random crashes after fast travelling through all areas.

For some reason this one only happens to me in Orsinium and some other places, not anywhere else. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this as well. I hope the fix is in fact with reinstalling, as I’ve tried this a few times and it wasn’t fixed by any of them.

6. It crashes at the exact same spot every time, regardless of where you fast travel to.

Now this one’s really annoying as it makes you think that there’s actually something wrong with your game, and it could be because of a bug that didn’t get fixed or something like that. 

According to many people though who have had this issue there has been an adequate amount of feedback on Bethesda forums and their feedback team have been working on fixing it properly. They’ve said they’ve found the source of the problem but haven’t given an ETA. 

It would help to know if you can do something to stop the crashing from occurring constantly, as well as if there is a way (short of reinstalling the game) to prevent it from happening at all.


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