City where Galileo taught crossword puzzle clue

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Mario Draghi, former President of the European Central Bank and the current head of the European Systemic Risk Board, taught a crossword puzzle clue at a conference in Florence.

The clue was “City where Galileo taught” and included one letter more than is allowed in a crossword puzzle. When he found out that the answer had been printed incorrectly, Dr. Draghi said it was “a pity for me to have been so clumsy” but praised his audience for its “intelligence and perspicacity as they commented on this mistake.”

Here is the city where galileo taught crossword puzzle clues.

The audience did indeed catch the mistake. In fact, it took just two minutes after the crossword appeared, during a lecture by Daniel Gros of the Centre for European Policy Studies, for an audience member to suggest that the word “taught” should properly be “teacher”. 

“We can all make mistakes,” Dr. Gros said, “but it is not so often that we are caught in them.”

Another attendee who was quick to spot the error was Stefano Stefanini, a former senior Italian diplomat who was President of the Venice Commission and Under-Secretary General of Italy’s foreign ministry.

Here are some points discussed about Crossword puzzle-

1. Crossword puzzles are different from any other puzzle. 

It does not have a single solution, but a single solution to each and every part across the entire puzzle. When you are creating a crossword puzzle, you can set up many rules. Rules to make it more difficult or easy to solve and so it looks more challenging than an easy one word answer could be made for the crossword puzzles. 

Crosswords are very popular among all age groups of people and everyone can enjoy solving them because of their keen memory capability as well as intellectual ability in solving the puzzles.

2. Crosswords are a type of word search puzzle.

A crossword is a special kind of word search puzzle where words are arranged in different clues to make them difficult for the solver to figure out the answer. 

There is no correct solution and there is no right or wrong answer to every part of a crossword so that it can be solved as per each person’s own way as they enjoy solving it. 

Crosswords are usually very less difficult than other types of puzzles that exist like sudoku, jigsaw, logic puzzles etc. but they are equally as challenging as these kinds of puzzles and require a higher level of intelligence to solve them.

3. A crossword puzzle usually consists of words, phrases and sentences.

Once the word search puzzle is set up by its creator then it can allow the solver to solve any kind of words, phrases and sentences that they like so that they can truly enjoy their experience in solving it. 

There might be some very difficult words and phrases that are used in the crossword but most people take them lightly as they think that these might not be difficult to solve.

4. There are different crossword puzzle categories.

The crossword puzzles are listed under different categories as per their themes, difficulty level and the kind of languages they can be solved in. For instance, they can be categorized as General crosswords, Regional crosswords, and Foreign languages.

The regional crossword puzzles are the ones that contain words from different countries or regions of the world like Japan, China etc.

5. Crossword puzzles have many other names too.

The solving of crossword puzzles can be said to be a popular pastime for millions of people around the world so the creator has named it differently for the different languages. 

For example, in Italy, people call it “cruciverba”, in Finland, it is called as “viisas ratkaisu”,”pelimerkki” or “viisu”, in Germany, ‘crossword’ is called as “Kreuzwortraetsel”, in Denmark and Norway; “krydsord” is used for it.

6. The clues are usually arranged on a grid so that they can enhance the fun.

There are different rules and guidelines to create a crossword puzzle. The creator has to consider its difficulty level, theme, words that can be used in the crossword puzzle, the number of clues that should be used etc. so that it can be solved easily by the solver and it could make the crossword puzzle easier for them.

7. Crossword puzzles are beneficial for enhancing intelligence in kids as well as adults.

The solving of crossword puzzles have been believed to enhance intelligence in many kids and adults too as they have to analyze as well as figure out different clues of a crossword puzzle to solve it successfully. Crossword puzzles are extremely popular and they can be appreciated by all age groups of people.


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