Can You Pass The SMOKY MOUNTAIN Test?


Are you ready to take your driving skills to the next level? There’s a test in front of you and it requires all of your concentration. The smoky mountain newspapers Test is a challenge that will be able to tell if you’re an accident magnet or not.

It tests how well you can control your vehicle in various situations, like when being chased by criminals, driving on an icy road, or trying to stop suddenly. Maybe this will give some insight into why people keep crashing their cars.

1. “Slippery When Wet?”

Most people when they get into a car and they see the road is iced are going to want to put on the chains to help them. Well, slippage is actually a good thing and it indicates that your tires are gripping the road very well. It’s also something that means your car has great control in rainy conditions.

2. “Are you engaged?” 

It’s an incredible sensation when you have to take your foot completely off of the gas pedal because everything from the outside of your vehicle is going really fast and you’re trying to stop it from hitting you. That’s called “The Feeling” because it’s what every driver experiences after sudden stops or starts.

If you’ve ever had Suddenly Stepped On The Brakes, then you know just how quickly the car stops and this is an indication of how well your brakes are working.

3. “What color is that?”

A bright colored car can be spotted by criminals much easier than a dull colored one. This is called “The Color Illusion” because it makes the car stand out, plus if your vehicle has darker paint on it, you’re hiding damage from accidents better from criminal eyes.

Let’s hope that these tips help you pass the Smoky Mountain Test and keep yourself safe behind the wheel in Texas!

4. “How’s the alignment?”

A lot of people think that not having an alignment is a bad thing, but it actually means that the suspension of your vehicle is working really well. This keeps you from feeling every bump in the road and it helps you feel like you’re gliding on air. 

5. “Are you a safe driver?”

During this test, the person behind the wheel will be having to drive through various kinds of conditions including dimly lit streets, construction zones and dangerous curves. If your reflexes are fast enough to make all of these turns safely then you’ll pass.

6. “Does your vehicle handle well?”

In order to pass the Smoky Mountain Test, you have to make sure that you have a car that handles well. Otherwise, it will feel like your vehicle is fighting against you and this will make driving very hard.

7. “Can you spot accident hazards?”

During this test, criminals are going to be hiding in various spots around the road and they are going to be shooting at your vehicle to try and get it out of control. If you can spot these bumps ahead of time then you’ll be able to react in time.

8. “Are you a defensive driver?”

The defensive driver will be equipped with devices like flares, road cones and handheld flashlights. If you can use these devices to stop oncoming traffic and warn others of an accident that is ahead, then you’ll pass the defensive driving test.

9. “You can’t always trust your rearview mirror.”

If you notice that there are two people in the Road Rage Simulator, it means that one of them is actually a criminal and they are going to try and get you confused with their hand signals. This is a good way to tell how well your car’s mirrors can show reverse images or if they have blind spots in them.

10. “Are you ready for anything?”

If your brakes are slowing you down to the point of exhaustion then it’s an indication that you’re not doing everything you can to avoid accidents. This is a good thing because if someone hits you from behind, it’s going to cause a lot of damage.

11. “Can you see around corners?”

If for some odd reason, the Smoky Mountain Test was moved to the mountains and put in a place where there were no roads and you had to escape, then this answer would be an indication that you can do that. If not, then maybe it would be best to take the test again because it might have been moved too far away.

12. “How’s your vision?”

During the real Smoky Mountain Test, you’re going to be a part of a car chase and criminals will be trying to shoot at your vehicle. If you can avoid those bullets, then it means that your sight is very good and you have great driving skills.

13. “Is your Vehicle Double Parked?”

A common practice in some states is to park behind another vehicle when there isn’t really room for both of them. This is an indication that if someone pulls into the driveway too fast, you can move over and avoid getting hit by them. It also means you’re leaving enough space between your car and the one in front of it for anyone else who might pull up behind you.


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