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Welcome to Gerard Marketing, a blog on marketing, branding, and social media. I am a branding, social media, and marketing consultant. The views I express in my blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of my clients. The views I express in this blog are mine, mine alone.

Like the name says, Gerard Marketing is a blog on marketing and branding. It is the place to go for ideas about how to turn your organization or business into a marketing powerhouse. I write about how I’ve learned from mistakes, or what I see as important marketing lessons for your organization. I also share some of the lessons I’ve learned from my clients (you can check out my clients on my blog or on Twitter).

Gerard Marketing is also the site for my business-related marketing blog which covers a wide range of topics including web design, search engine marketing, social media marketing, blogging, and branding. I’ll also be posting monthly on my social media pages and Facebook page.

Ive learned from my mistakes and from my clients and from my own experiences with advertising and marketing. I’ve learned that the key is to keep your costs per-click as low as possible. And Ive learned that the key to successful marketing is to focus on quality rather than quantity. And my key to success is to find your own voice and to communicate that to your target audience.

After years of being in marketing and advertising, I realized that too many people just follow the crowd. It’s easy to get lost in the noise of the masses and be completely lost. So let’s focus on what really matters: building relationships with people. We’re all in the same boat, the same boat, the same boat. And there’s no point in fighting it.

But the real problem with marketing is that the people selling it don’t have a clue about what makes a person good or bad. They’re just selling you stuff. But you know what, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that your product or service is something you care about. Whether it is your brand or your product, the quality of your marketing is the quality of your brand, and the quality of your brand is the quality of your product.

For many marketers, the quality of their brand is determined by the quality of their product, because the quality of their product is what matters most to them. But for others, the quality of their brand is determined by the quality of their marketing: that is, which marketing aspects do or do not work. The same goes for marketing: if it doesnt work, then it doesn’t matter. But if it does work, you want results.

Well I’ve seen a lot of marketing that has worked, and a lot of marketing that has failed. And I’ve seen some marketing that has succeeded, but only in some specific areas. For example, I just looked up the word “toxic” in the dictionary and it says, “toxic substance with a harmful and unpleasant effect.” So that is a good definition for “toxic” but not for “toxic marketing.

I like the idea of marketing. As a marketing expert, I have my own theories on how to make it work, but I always ask myself, “how can I do it?” As an example, here’s what I do when I create marketing campaigns.

I put together an initial list of potential users, and then I send out a couple of marketing emails. I do this because I want them to get to know me, or at the very least, have a reason to contact me so that the marketing is worth my time. Then I send out a couple of follow up emails in order to monitor responses. I do this because if there are no responses, then I think it is time to stop.


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