Brit Manuela- Social media original accounts


What is an original account?

It can be any social media account that was created by a person and not an agency. What does it mean to have an original account? 

Well, it means that the person cannot get fired for political reasons, if something goes wrong in the company its their own personal risk. 

The act of creating Twitter or Instagram accounts separates these users from marketing teams and these companies from their own public image. 

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Developing your own entity on social media is a way to escape censorship while still being able to earn money through advertisements. It also makes you more likely to start conversations with celebrities as well as other influential people.

Here are some social media accounts discussed about Brit Manuela-

1. Facebook: : César Montaño

The Facebook of “Brit Manuela”, César Montaño, developed this account in 2011 when he was 17 years old. 

This is the first account that Manuela has created and it was the first one to be noticed by the public with more than 6,000 followers. At the present time Cesar’s brother maintains his page and has more than 87,000 followers. 

2. Instagram: The Brit Manuela: @britmanuelaworld 

Another personal account of “Brit Manuela” created in 2014 by Cameron Díaz who also works for Orelansight as her assistant. Diaz has been working for Manuela since 2012 following her when she moved from Colombia to Miami. 

This account is the most controversial one, mostly because of Díaz’s racism and misogynist comments, which led the account to receive over 100k followers. 

3. Twitter: @britmanuelaworld 

The Twitter account was created on October 4, 2011, by “Brit Manuela” and she has been using it ever since to spread her messages. The first tweet was stated 5 years ago with a message that is slightly different than usual “I’m officially open for business! 

What? You mean you guys haven’t heard of me? There’s no way I can be real. I’m so real I could go viral. So real I have to be in 3D because no one can believe me.”

4. YouTube: Brit Manuela World

“Brit Manuela” created a YouTube account in 2013 and currently has over 5000 subscribers with her videos receiving more than 400k views. Her videos normally feature her giving advice on social media or giving out beauty tips.

5. Google+: Britmanuelaworld 

With a big influence in the tech world and knowing that many people only use Google+ for business purposes, it was important to include this account as another way of communication for “Brit Manuela”. As of today, this account has over 4200 followers.

These are all the social media accounts that “Brit Manuela” uses to interact with her fans and other users. 

International voice actress and singer, Manuela Leal uses social media to give her life more meaning through her work in the entertainment industry. This young woman is from Colombia but currently resides in Miami, Florida. 

One of the first accounts “Brit Manuela” created was a Facebook fan page called “Brit Manuela”. She did not post on her fan page for about a month after which it became very popular among the race community and received more than 200 likes in one day when she posted a picture of herself with Mr. President Obama. 

In just less than a month, she had over 5000 followers and it is still growing. The Facebook fan page was created in 2011 by her assistant who likes to tweet picture of her behind the scenes of “Brit Manuela”, a project she has done since 2012.

“Brit Manuela” uses Twitter to communicate with people on a daily basis while having over 15,000 followers at the moment. 

This account started 5 years ago when she tweeted her first tweet that said “”I’m officially open for business! 

What? You mean you guys haven’t heard of me? There’s no way I can be real. I’m so real I could go viral. So real I have to be in 3D because no one can believe me.”” With only 1 tweet posted on her account, she already had hundreds of followers.

This YouTube channel was created by Manuela 3 years ago and has thousands of subscribers. Mostly because of the character she uses on her videos and the messages she delivers through them. 

Her first video was posted in 2013 when she and her friend were eating a chocolate cake with a face of Marilyn Monroe on it. 

The video explains how to create your own chocolate cake for Halloween for just $4, showing people how easy it is to make your own treats or special meals for Halloween without spending too much money.


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