Best Places to Apply Roll-On Essential Oils

Essential Oils

If you’re acquainted with essential oils and use them frequently, chances are you’ve purchased or produced your personal roll-on bottled blends. Roll on essential oils are designed to make applying essential oils to the skin easier. 

Since the substances have already been mixed with essential oils, all you need to do is massage the rollerball over your skin. There’s no trash, and you don’t have to take more than a couple of bottles. 

Plus, because roll-on essential oil is adequately adjusted to your requirements, you may feel secure allowing your children to use essential oils. 

The Four Great Spots to Use Essential Oil Roll-Ons 

Roll-on essential oils are great, but do you know about a few key parts of the body on which you can apply them for the best results? Even though you could potentially administer essential oils everywhere, the four regions listed below are the greatest places to put roll-ons: 

1. Soles

Did you realise that your toes have all of your body’s primary pores? Your soles could more absorb excess essential oils from your skin. It releases the oils’ advantages into your blood system because they have larger pores. 

This enables the users to feel the impact of essential oils sooner. Reflexology is an excellent way to absorb oils through your foot into your system. 

The practice of exerting pressure on the palms, legs, and ears to encourage comfort and stress alleviation is reflexology. In addition, your nerves all terminate in your legs. As a result, rubbing your feet using your roll-on oils may help you feel better faster.

2. Ears 

The skin’s texture differs throughout your physique, and one of the regions wherein your skin is much more porous or receptive is always behind the ears. This facilitates the passage of herbal extracts through the body’s layers and then into the skin. 

Furthermore, your mastoid stress response is positioned behind the ear, and so this vital point can aid with discomfort, irritation, and pressure reduction. As a result, by using essential oils that have similar advantages, you could be capable of achieving even better outcomes. 

3. Temples 

Most individuals go to their temples for headaches and tension relief. Rather than rubbing your forehead to relieve a headache, consider rubbing your essential oil glide on your forehead. 

Your forehead is a pulsing spot, which implies that capillaries are near to the surface of the skin. Consequently, essential oils can enter your circulation more quickly, allowing you to see results sooner. 

4. Wrists 

The inner forearm is yet another popular spot for using roll-on essential oils, and this is due to the wrist being just another pulse spot. Because your pulmonary artery runs to the inside of your forearm, essential oils are easily absorbed into the body. 


When administering essential oils straight to the body, ensure to dilute them appropriately with massage oil. A moisturiser will not only assist the oils in soaking onto your pores, and that will aid irritations caused by essential oils’ strength. 

The amount of oil you dilute depends on your age, individual sensitivity, as well as the carrier oil you’re using. Before using more oils, it’s a good idea to do a skin test. Try and apply the roll-on to a tiny patch of skin, and if discomfort occurs, discontinue use.


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