Best moments from Taiwan Tech Trek 2017


Taiwan Tech Trek 2017 is a conference that brings together fascinating panel speakers to share their stories, expertise, and advice. 

Who are these panelists? What masterpieces did they create? What challenges did they face? Find out in the Taiwan Tech Trek 2017 blog post.

Last week was Taiwan Tech Trek 2017, an event hosted by the Taiwanese Consulate-General in San Francisco and The Eighteen Inc. 

It attracted attendees from Silicon Valley’s elite firms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc., enabling them to get insights into Taiwan’s cutting-edge achievements in applied technology be it mobile apps or manufacturing processes while providing Taiwanese companies with the opportunity to learn more about Silicon Valley investors and business opportunities.

Here are some points discussed about taiwan tech trek 2017

1. Taiwan Tech Trek Panelists

Ziv Shoshani, chief strategy officer of Facebook , started off by explaining that Facebook’s mission is to connect the world. He then proceeded to explain how Facebook went from being a website that connected universities to a global platform for knowledge exchange. 

In terms of understanding of its customers, Facebook has gone beyond market research and surveys. They have developed an AI engine which enables them to understand their audience based on the content they post and their online behavior patterns. 

And this AI engine called DeepText is able to understand English and Chinese equally well. The technology will enable better customer service locally as well as in markets where English may not be the primary language (such as Japan and Korea).

Ziv Shoshani, COO of Facebook, talked about how Facebook has developed DeepText, an AI engine that can understand English and Chinese equally well.

2. How to build Trust in the Virtual World? 

Tucker Schreiber, Director of Business Development of LINE Corporation , discussed how LINE started with a “game-to-game” messaging platform similar to WhatsApp (the founder is a former Google employee). 

However, the difference is that their mission is not to be a simple messaging platform but an innovative communication tool which enables users to do almost everything they need including but not limited to voice and video calls and instant messaging on one app. 

In 2014, LINE crossed 200 million users globally. In 2015, their users crossed 1 billion worldwide. In 2017, their user base reached 2 billion people.

3. Building Trust in Social Networking.

Chang Chen, CIO of Pinduoduo , spoke about how many would regard Pinduoduo as an e-commerce platform but in reality it is also an SNS as well as a retail marketplace for luxury products. 

Unlike Taobao, the China version of Amazon, Pinduoduo does not allow vendors to set their own prices. They also do not allow users to buy products directly from these vendors but only through their e-commerce website which makes Pinduoduo more trustworthy, he added.

Chang Chen, CIO of Pinduoduo , talked about how many would regard Pinduoduo as an e-commerce platform but in reality it is also an SNS as well as a retail marketplace for luxury products.

4. Mastering Cyber Security.

To discuss the concept of “cyber security”, Filippo Visconti , Vice President of cybersecurity, spoke about how essential it is to always be on the lookout for vulnerabilities and threats. 

Furthermore, it is important to know that any issue related to a vulnerability could be a potential threat that could impact even your core systems. In other words, if your computer was infected with spyware or a virus, it could potentially cause much damage as opposed to just a false positive. 

It can be hackers but they could also be potentially anonymous sources which you need to get access to before they can cause much damage. Both security services are equally critical and therefore, you should not just rely on one or the other. 

In this way, it is recommended to build a team which consists of security experts and analysts who can take on the responsibilities of analyzing vulnerabilities in your systems as well as give recommendations on how to prevent both potential threats and vulnerabilities.

5. Taking React Native to the Next Level.

Experience is what matters most in mobile app development, an admission by Yilin Lin , Senior Vice President of Core Technology of Translate Media . 

He then proceeded to talk about how TranslateMedia was founded by two Israeli immigrants coming from an entertainment background. They have brought together global talent from all over the world for their app development team. 

Translate Media is a content translation platform which puts the needs of users first by providing accurate, fast and fluent translations. Their service is free and has been used by more than 7 million people worldwide.


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