Best Jacqueline Domac moments


There are many moments in Jacqueline Domac’s life that are remarkable and memorable. This article will touch on a few of her most famous moments.

Jacqueline Domac is an American actress, voice actress, and singer who was born in the Bahamas but raised in Philadelphia. She has done voice acting for shows such as Invader Zim, Legend of Korra, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars, Top Cat: Toonsylvania and more! 

Jacqueline also is known for being the first African American woman to be given a solo number at the Tony Awards- which was released on Broadway on April 22nd 2018.

1. “Tribes” is a performance art piece by Jacqueline Domac. It blends poetry, singing, movement and acting in addition to movement art and dance.

She also had this to say about the piece:

“The overall theme for “Tribes” is about the hidden truths of Indigenous women living in America today,” says Domac. “As I researched, interviewed and wrote, I became more and more aware of how connected we all are by our struggles and triumphs as women while still acknowledging our uniqueness.” 

This video will give you a basic idea of what the performance looks like.

2. Jacqueline Domac was the first African American woman to win a Tony award for “Best Featured Actress in a Musical” for her role as Lady Thiang in The King and I.

This photo shows Jacqueline with her husband J. Bernard Calloway after she won an award.

3. Jacqueline is well known online on Instagram and Tumblr with over 20,000 followers on each site! There are many pictures of her posing with women of color which has allowed her to become a great source of representation online.

4. Jacqueline has also created a tumblr page to educate people on issues concerning women of color.

5. At the age of 16 Jacqueline was a part of the choir for “The Lion King”. It is one of her most enduring and favorite moments in theater as she states in this article.

“I can tell you that I didn’t realize that at 16 years old, I was going to get my start performing on Broadway,” says Jacqueline. “I knew there was going to be an amazing production with a great orchestra, an amazing cast and creative team. But at 16, I knew none of that.”

6. Jacqueline’s father died when she was 11 years old. He was also a singer and lyricist. Jacqueline said in an interview that her father helped her start being an artist by inspiring her and that she has missed him ever since his death. Although she doesn’t get to see him nearly as often as she used to, Jacqueline‘s parents have been a big support for her career. She says that they like to joke about how often she comes up on their caller id because they “miss her so much.”

In January of 2015 Jacqueline created a solo album called “Beyond the Horizon” in remembrance of the great singer Jackie Wilson who also passed away very young.

7. Jacqueline was a contestant on the 81st Annual Tony Awards in 2015.

8. In the fall of 2016 Jacqueline joined “America’s Got Talent” as a panelist like her husband J. Bernard Calloway who was also on AGT along with Howie Mandel, Mel B and Heidi Klum. 

This is a picture from around the time she started doing AGT and where she met her husband who, coincidentally, works as an executive producer for AGT!

9. Jacqueline won a Tony for Best Featured actress in The King and I which is one of many new references to Jackie Wilson that have been doing well in recent years! 

10. Jacqueline’s husband was at the Tony awards as well as her mother and her daughter. Her mother, Mrs. Vicki Domac has been a huge supporter of Jacqueline’s career and she is one of the main reasons why Jacqueline hasn’t had to sacrifice much while balancing her career and family time.

11. When asked about the lack of diversity in theater, Jacqueline explained that she feels that it is necessary for people to be aware of where they come from because this can give them inspiration to create more diverse works especially when working with other artists who may not be diverse themselves. “I did not choose to be a part of these projects because I am diverse, but rather because I am a part of the future and diversity encompasses so much more than color or racial background, but also culture and belief systems.” She also says that it is necessary for her to do this work in theater because “there are too many people in our country who are afraid to be different.” 

12. Jacqueline has been using social media as a way to spread awareness about diversity issues. She created an Instagram account in 2014 called #RepresentationMatters alongside her daughter Autumn Adams which has over 100,000 followers!


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