Automation System for reliable and efficient Hydroponic Farms!

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The hydroponic farming method is considered to be the safest and most sustainable, and it’s not only used by organic farmers but also large-scale commercial producers. 

Hydroponic farming and production methods can also be automated to make them more reliable and efficient.

That’s why a machine has been built as a way of making this process easier for everyone involved, even for those who don’t have any knowledge about hydroponics: human beings.

There are a lot of benefits associated with automation systems, such as the significant reduction in labor costs that can be achieved by using one over manual work, reducing the risk due to injuries from working long hours in different fields season after season along with reducing chemical pesticide contamination risks. 

A lot of people can also benefit from the high yield and best quality of produce, maximizing the profit too.

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The hydroponic farming also requires a reliable system that can monitor and control different aspects of the hydroponics process, such as water level, nutrients level, pH balance and temperature. Different sensors are installed in different places to achieve this goal.

Here are some points discussed about Automation System-

1. Water conservation:

Planting crops requires a lot of water. In order to save water, you can use automated systems to measure the amount of water used. Automation systems can be used to measure the amount of water used when watering plants and the amount of nutrients used in hydroponic farming.

2. Temperature:

Using temperature as a measurement tool for controlling lighting during the flowering period is very important in hydroponics farming since it affects their growth and can also affect other aspects of their growth, such as moisture balance during this time as well. 

Temperature could also be measured manually by knowing the average temperature for each season at different time periods during hydroponics farming season too.

3. Light:

When it comes to fluorescents, there are different colors of light that can be used as a measurement tool in hydroponic farming. 

The LEDs schedules should be adjusted to each plant variety because the color of light is not the same for all types of plants. 

That’s why there are many attempts being done to control the use of fluorescents by knowing the most efficient time for each type of plant during the flowering period, and this can be done by using automated systems too.

4. pH level:

In order to control pH balance, the pH level of water used in the hydroponics system should be monitored. The pH level is affected by the amount of nutrients in water, and its use during each time interval will affect the growth of plants. 

pH level is also affected by temperature change. When using an automated system for monitoring this value, it will also help in measuring other nutrients and controlling their levels as well to achieve the desired result.

5. Nutrient measurement:

When using hydroponics farming, there are different types of nutrients that can be used for different types of plants or crops. 

Different sensors can be installed in different places in the system to measure the amount of nutrients used. Automation systems can also provide the required values for each time interval to meet a certain goal.

6. pH and Nitrogen control:

The pH level is one of the most important values in hydroponic farming that controls the growth of different types of plants and crops by controlling temperature, water, nutrients and more. By having different automated systems for measuring this value manually, you can use them as reference for monitoring the other values during the actual farming season. 

The amount of nitrogen usage is also important to control irrigation during hydroponic farming season, especially during flowering period when plants need a lot of nutrients to grow properly. 

Because the amount of nutrients is different for each season and plant variety, automation systems can be used to control the amount of water and nutrients in each time interval, which also affects the actual amount of water and nutrients that should be used.

7. Water and nutrient control:

When using hydroponic farming, the water and nutrients levels of water should be controlled for each plant variety during every time interval. 

The water level will affect the amount of nutrients used. Temperature also plays a role in controlling the amount of nutrients used to maintain a certain pH balance during hydroponic farming season. 

By using different types of automated devices for measuring these values manually, you can use them as a reference for monitoring the other values during the actual farming season.


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