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Eye Surgery

The majority of people who use glasses or contacts are not happy about it. It is not their first choice and sometimes, not a choice at all! In situations like this where you want to replace your glasses with no hindrance, there is Lasik surgery that improves the vision without any corrective lenses. 

Lasik stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, and this surgery is done under the guidance of skilled professionals in this field. Australia has some reputed specialists who conduct the vision correction procedure efficiently. As Lasik is a unique treatment, it is to be done under a doctor’s prescription, and they are not suitable for everyone either. There are rare cases where the eye conditions cannot be improved with surgeries, but LASIK performs magic here, making most cases successful. 

Read the article to know anything and everything about Lasik eye surgery. 

Candidates For LASIK Surgery

Take an appointment with your doctor today itself, and after a thorough checkup, they will decide whether you can be a candidate for the surgery. There are cases like those listed below who cannot benefit from this surgery. They are: 

  1. Pregnant or breastfeeding woman
  2. A minor
  3. A diabetic patient
  4. A person with an eye infection
  5. Advanced glaucoma
  6. Keratoconus
  7. Astigmatism, Myopia or Hyperopia
  8. A person having many medications
  9. Cornea Abrasion
  10. Thin cornea or one which affects vision

The Working of LASIK and How the Surgery Helps

As mentioned above, Lasik surgery will help the person avoid glasses or a contact lens. Usually, the candidates who qualify for this surgery are people who suffer from astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness. There are cases when presbyopia patients benefited from this surgery. Contact an eye centre in Australia about the procedure and expenditure. 

Since 1987, Lasik eye surgery has overthrown many laser eye surgery techniques followed to date. It is more than a laser surgery with far more effective procedures. Doctors use ultraviolet light in the treatment, which helps hyper-focus and evaporates the targeted cells. It is a “cool laser” because it will not damage the nearest areas to these cells. 

Things to Take Care of After the Surgery

There is nothing to worry about if you have the best eye specialist from Australia with you in this surgery. But it is more important to take care of the eyes before and after the surgery to avoid any complications. Here are some vital things to do after any laser surgery to get the full effect.

  1. Do not forget to wear the see-through shield over the eyes soon after the surgery. Wear it as the eye expert prescribes so that the eyes will heal better. 
  2. Sleep like a baby and relax as much as possible for two or three days after the surgery. There are no medications more potent than these activities. 
  3. It is normal to have itching or burning in the eyes soon after laser surgery. Do not panic but ask for eye drops from the doctor. By reducing dryness, there will be no more problems in the eyes. 
  4. Everything will be perfect and healthy after a few days. There are no more days with contacts or glasses, and you will have improved vision too.

Remember, only an expert in this field can bring the best result during the surgery. Make your appointment with the best in town!


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