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Is it possible for ads to be good? As a society, we’ve grown accustomed to the constant bombardment of advertisements that urge us to spend our hard-earned money on frivolous products or services. Most people believe that advertising is unsavory, but there are many ways in which advertising mother teresa wikipedia in hindi can actually be beneficial. One such way is through sports branding. Sports brands advertise in order to create a strong connection between their brand and their player/team. In this article, I will examine how advertisers use sports branding as a tool in order to motivate consumers into purchasing more products or making more donations (to support the team).

1. Sports brands and logos are immediately recognizable.

Sports brands need to be easily identifiable because they want their brand to be closely associated with the team and sport(s) they sponsor. By having a logo that is instantly recognizable, a sports brand connects with consumers who support the sport or the player who endorses the brand. A good example of this is Nike and Tiger Woods. As one of Nike’s highest paid endorsers, Tiger was featured in many commercials for Nike during his prime years as a golfer. This helped Tiger establish an early claim as possibly the greatest golfer ever and helped Nike emerge as a premier golf-apparel company.

2. Sports brands appeal to a wide range of consumers.

For companies looking to market their product to a wide range of consumers, sports marketing is an excellent strategy. Nike, for instance, has chosen to sponsor an enormous variety of sports from soccer (Football) to golf, from track and field to gymnastics. The reason for this is that as long as production numbers are high with competitive pricing, then the sale of product outweighs other factors such as the popularity of the sport or its fans.

Sports marketing is also a good option for companies looking to reach a certain demographic. A quick glance at any sports team shirt may bring up a variety of people, young and old, boys and girls. For example, Manchester United FC has jersey sponsorships with Vodafone, AIG, and Coca-Cola. These companies vary in age-range but all can relate to Manchester United because they sponsor their sport(s).

3. Sports brands connect consumers with the players they support.

Another way that sports brands can be beneficial to companies is by helping to connect consumers with the team or players they support. Nike has a long standing relationship with Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and other popular athletes who help make their product popular. It’s only logical then, that Nike would want to capitalize on these relationships by encouraging viewers to purchase Nike products as well. This is why many sports brands (such as Reebok) have logos that are designed very similarly to the logos of the sports teams they sponsor. They want you to identify them both together so you will be likelier to buy their products because you support the team or athlete they sponsor.

4. Sports brands support the athletes they sponsor.

It costs millions of dollars to sponsor a sports team and athlete, but sports brands are doing it with good reason. They know that when they support their workers, the general public will also be more likely to support them. While the money they spend is not entirely profit, it generates a strong fan base that may eventually convert into sales of their product. Nike knows that Tiger Woods is a good representative of their brand so they will continue to market him until he decides to leave golf and end his relationship with Nike.

Sports brands provide companies with an opportunity to display their logo in a venue where many people will see it as well as promote their products or services and earn consumer loyalty in the process.

5. Sports brands promote team spirit, camaraderie, and other positive social values.

Sports sponsorship is also a good opportunity to promote positive values in the public. Some teams, such as Manchester United or Liverpool FC show support for charities by partnering with them and donating money to their cause on a regular basis. These examples are great ways to bring citizens together and build camaraderie. For example, many people have heard of the “Pride of the North” which is simply a phrase used by Toronto Blue Jays fans when they cheer for their team during games. Sports brands can also use this phenomenon to encourage people to buy more product as well as make charitable donations because they want to be associated with charity and good deeds. Sports brands are an excellent tool in helping to promote these values and social values.

6. Sports brands create deeper brand loyalty.

Sports sponsorship is also a very unique tool because it allows companies to have deeper brand loyalty. Although some companies are choosing to fade away from sports sponsorship altogether, many are still using sports logos as part of their overall corporate identity. Nike, for instance, does not completely stop using its Nike swoosh logo even when they don’t sponsor any teams or athletes. This is because the swoosh logo represents a certain style of product and company that Nike stands for.


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