adidas marketing internship

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I’m only just beginning to grasp the many opportunities available at adidas. They are a global company with more than 200 stores in over 40 countries around the globe. If you are in college or work in advertising, you are most likely looking for internships.

To get a shot at internships, you have to send in your resume and cover letter to adidas. They will review your application and send you to a number of different interns. That’s where you begin to get your chance to meet other interns and talk with them. You must also be flexible about working on different projects. You can’t just be assigned a project to work on.

When you are working at adidas, you will be working on projects in the design, production, and marketing departments. You will work as a team to accomplish a specific goal. You will also be working on a number of fun projects that you are free to work on as well.

You will also be working on a number of fun projects that you are free to work on as well.

You are free to work on as many different projects as you want, as long as you aren’t working on the same one. It doesn’t matter if it is a design, production, or marketing project, you are free to work on as many as you desire.

adidas has an open position for a marketing intern, in the marketing team. The role involves working with the advertising agency’s internal marketing team to build a brand’s strategy and build ads to promote the brand. The ideal candidate is a team-oriented self-starter who knows how to work with a team. They should have a good sense of humor and a high-energy work ethic.

One of the best ways to keep your brand looking fresh is to use a variety of creative brands (think Adidas, Nike, Puma, and the like) to give your brand a different flair and feel. That means you have to hire a marketing intern too.

As you might expect, Adidas is a big name in sportswear and basketball apparel. We love Adidas because they are so versatile and offer such an awesome variety of styles. We’re in the midst of a brand transformation at Adidas and this internship is one way to make sure that the brand’s future is bright. The marketing intern will be responsible for developing the Adidas website, developing social media strategies, and creating a comprehensive ad creative strategy.

The internship is unpaid and the only thing you get is an email when we meet you. So if you’re interested in applying, drop us a line at adidas at (and sign up for our free email list).

This sounds like a pretty awesome internship. You get to use your marketing skills to sell Adidas to people who are already wearing Adidas. But if you don’t have any of those skills, then you can still apply, but you won’t get paid.


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