A Helpful Guest Post on Building Your Personal Brand

Guest Post

There are a few things you can do to help build your personal brand that may go beyond simply writing blog posts. Here are a few of them:


Network with other bloggers in your niche or those that have more followers than you. This will help broaden your reach and network, which can lead to collaborations and potential partnerships. 

Have conversations with people online or offline about the struggles of starting out. Doing so may encourage others who feel similarly to continue on their own path rather than giving up due to fear or discouragement.  

Offer coaching, guidance, and advice for free instead of just selling products at your shop. This will help encourage others who want to start out, but are unsure about how to begin. 

Attend industry events and conferences with some of the most influential people in your niche or those who have more followers than you. It is a great way to meet people, get an idea of what others want from you, and network with potential business partners as well. 

Participate in relevant online bounty campaigns for free to gain exposure where they are not offered for purchase at cost. This will also help increase your social media reach through Twitter and Facebook Followers as well as boost search traffic from Google.

Create your personal brand on Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Instagram.

Create quality infographics by gathering relevant information about your niche or industry that people would find useful to share. These are great for guest posting at other sites or just getting exposure through sharing them in relevant Facebook groups.

Have a podcast or webinar where you speak about topics of interest and transparency with those who follow you. You can also offer products as an incentive for sign ups which will help increase your email list to build engagement with future blog posts. 

Give away free products to increase your email list of subscribers and product reviews at other blogs or sites that may link back to your site. 

Hold free giveaways on your site or social media accounts for your products. This will help you gain more visibility and focus. 

Follow industry leaders and influencers on social media and offer a link back to their sites or blog posts on your own. This is especially effective if they follow you back.

Write guest articles for other blogs on subjects related to your niche that are of interest, relevant, helpful, or unique. The best way to do this is to search for people who have large followings similar to yours or contacts that you wish to reach out to in connection with the subject matter in which you are writing.

Respond to reviews of your products and provide helpful customer service instead of ignoring negative comments. People are more likely to leave positive comments for businesses who welcome criticism and ask for advice.

Provide giveaways and/or discounts if people like their products enough to purchase them. This can help motivate those who like the product, but do not think they would purchase it otherwise.


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