90s grunge makeup to modern nostalgia-style grunge makeup

Portrait of young afro woman with bright make-up

Think grunge is just a thing of the past? Think again. This style of makeup applies easily, lasts all day and never needs touch-ups. 

So if you want to impress yet stay comfy at the same time, then try out these 10 different looks for different times in your life!

A look that will really take off in 2016: nostalgia-style grunge with a pale or light tan skin tone. For this look, choose a muted brownish-gray (like milk chocolate) liner with contrasting stark white, light violet or green eyeshadow and black mascara.

Here are some points discussed about authentic 90s grunge makeup

1. Make a lined triangle starting from the middle of the eye.

Make it connecting to the corner of the eye. Then connect it to another triangle originating on the inner side of the eyelid as low as possible, then extend it upwards till it touches the base of your lower lash line. Blend the line with a brush when you finish it.

2. Apply a light brown color in the crease of the eyelid.

Then apply white on top of it and blend them both till they’re smooth, almost like you’re highlighting your lids! Don’t forget to line the bottom lash line with black or blue liner for a polished look. 

Line your eyes with liquid or gel black eyeliner from mid-eye to corner of the eye to create depth and definition. You can experiment with other colors as long as it is matte and darkens your eyes! Layer on mascara too! 

This look is perfect for people who have almond-shaped eye or large eyes because it makes them appear smaller and more defined.

3. Try the smudged dark brown eye makeup

For this one, you will want to use a dark brown matte or chocolatey-colored eyeshadow, preferably in a cream or gel form. 

You can also use liquid eyeliner or neutral black eye pencil and smudge it out like you’re creating a smokey look with kohl pencil. This is not just perfect for other occasions but also school events and gatherings!

4. Use pink and purple on your eyes to create the 90s grunge makeup look

Pink can be found on top of white while purple can be over the pink. If you want more blue tones, then add the blue on top of the purple. Add a little more mascara so that the colors don’t “bleed” into each other, but instead make your eyes look bigger.

5.90s grunge makeup for dark eyes

Dark browns, blacks and warm colors are perfect for creating this look. The eyeshadow for this is made to be smudged at the corner of the eyelid and above the eyebrows. Do not use too much of the shadow, but instead use a little bit more than you usually do! 

Also, if you want to “smudge” it out, then use your finger to rub it just under your eye and blend it out as you’re going up on your brow bone and brow until they’re smooth again.

6. Cool contrast-style simplicity

This was a very big trend during the 90s and it’s still relevant until now. This technique is perfect for people with green, blue and even hazel eyes. 

First, use a thick coat of black liquid liner on your lower lash line and smudge it out using your finger so that it’s not too hard to see or too harsh. 

You can also apply eye shadow on the area between the lash line and blush, but be careful not to create a harsh line! Use white or pink blush on top to soften the whole look!

7. Pink and blue combined – the 90s grunge makeup

For this one, you will want to use light pink eyeshadow on the lid and in the crease of your eyelid. Then use a lighter shade of blue on top of it and just a little bit below it so that you’ll get an effect of color gradients. 

The best part about this look is that you can even do them in different tones because it looks amazing whatever color combination you choose!

8. Smokey flavored 90s grunge makeup for brown eyes

To create this look, you will want to use liquid eyeliner or black pencil liner to add definition to your eyes. You will also want to use deep brown eyeshadow that is matte, smudged and not too bright. 

Then use gel eyeliner on the waterline for more definition. Apply liner all over your lids, but place it at the corner of the eye and connect it above the eye with a line that goes to blend with your eyebrow line. 

Then add a little bit of liner under your lower lash line or go with a lighter shade on top and blend until they’re smooth. Blend out the bottom line with a brush as well!


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