9 great Android apps for your new 2022 Android device

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Android has come a long way since the release of version 1.0 in 2007. Back then, there were only two apps on Google Play – the browser and the dialer. Today, there are more than one million available apps on Google Play! We’re living in exciting times.

But those exciting times may seem a little overwhelming if you’re just getting started with Android.

Addor RAR has some more information about 9 great Android apps for your new 2022 Android device.

Keeping the best apps in mind while you explore what’s already on offer will help you make an excellent choice when it comes to selecting your next phone. So we’ve compiled a list of nine great apps that should be on everyone’s phones.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 9 Android apps for your new 2022 device to help you learn more about your purchase before you make one or to get started with an old-school phone if you were looking for something new to try out!

1) Beoplay Music.

This app is designed specifically for music lovers who want to find their perfect playlist without having to go through lengthy menus over and over again. It has a clean, simple interface that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, no matter what kind of music you like.

You can create, save and edit playlists with this app and sync them with other Beoplay products, such as your Beoplay M3 speaker or Beoplay A1 Headphone.

2) Google Maps.

Although Google Maps has been included in every version of Android since its release, there’s something about this app that makes it stand out. It offers a wide variety of tools and customization options that make it easier to find your destination than other apps on the market.

3) NFC tags.

It’s really nice to be able to share information from your phone with another NFC-enabled device. You can set up tags or use them as keychains for various purposes, depending on the case. You can also use them for things like QR codes and circuit boards for your electronics projects.

4) Google Drive.

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution that keeps your files safe, secure and organized. You can use this app to store all of your files and access them from anywhere. This app is available for Android, iOS and the web, but we think it works best on Android.

5) Google Photos .

If you’ve ever tried to free up storage on your phone, you know how hard it can be to clear out pictures and videos once they’ve been saved. Google Photos solves this by seamlessly storing all of your data in the cloud for easy access and sharing at any time.

6) Spotify.

Spotify is an amazing music-streaming app that gives you access to millions of songs for free, or for a low monthly fee. It also allows you to download music offline so you can listen to your favorites without data.

7) SHAREit.

Whether you’re trying to send something from your phone to another device or vice versa, SHAREit is the perfect app for the job! This app allows you to share files like videos, photos, documents and more with all of your friends and family in a matter of seconds. It’s compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

8) Pokémon Go .

Pokémon Go is a really fun game that’s been out for a while now. It’s not only addictive, but it also gets you up and moving when you’re sitting in your car stuck in traffic. There are still plenty of Pokémon to catch and gym battles to enter every day!

9) eBay.

eBay is probably one of the most important apps on this list for people who are looking to buy and sell their old electronics or other things online. You can find all sorts of things from cars, clothes, jewelry and electronics on eBay, so if you have any old mobile devices laying around or gadgets you’d like to get rid of, this app is definitely something you’ll want on your new phone.

Remember, Google is always working on new apps that add to your Android experience and make the most out of your time with the phone. In time, we think you’ll be able to do almost everything you do on a computer by simply using a touchscreen and microphone.

That’s definitely something to look forward to! Have fun discovering your new phone and start exploring the possibilities!


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