9 Benefits of Blogging for Your Business


There are many benefits of blogging for your business. From SEO to social media, blogging can do wonders for your company. Here we will discuss 10 Benefits of Blogging that you might not have considered before.

Benefits of Blogging:

  1. Get found in search engines
  2. Drive organic traffic to your site for free!
  3. Build authority and credibility with fresh content that is easy to access on the internet.
  4. Online Marketing Benefits 
  5. Search Engine Optimization Benefits 
  6. Real Time Benefits
  7. Local Marketing Benefits 
  8. Personal Branding Benefits 
  9. Creative Writing Benefits

Get found in search engines:

One of the first advantages is getting found on Google search engines. If you blog enough and optimize it correctly then fresh content will show up on the first few pages of organic results driving traffic right back to your site for free! This means more money going into your company since people are clicking through without having to pay any marketing costs.

Drive organic traffic to your site for free:

Another benefit bloggers enjoy is their blogs rank higher than other sites online because they have relevant topical posts about their niche or industry so when potential customers are searching for something on Google, your site will be found at the top.

Real Time Benefits

Each blog post is an opportunity to build trust with new readers while also sharing valuable information about a topic or industry they’re interested in. Not only does this type of approach help people learn more about your company but it can also create long lasting relationships which leads us into our next benefit of increased conversions rates.

Blogging builds authority and credibility: 

Blogging builds credibility through transparency by giving potential customers insights into who’s running the company and what they care about. Sharing your personal story with readers can help them connect to you as a person which gives them more confidence in buying from you.

Personal Branding Benefits:

Blogging is also an opportunity to grow your email list by using sign up forms on the sidebar, at the end of posts, or within blog content itself! You’ll be able to send out exclusive promotional offers such as discounts or coupons that you might not offer anywhere else online while simultaneously building trust with potential customers who have opted-in for these emails. And when those people are ready to make their first purchase it will come directly through your site since they’re already familiar with where everything is located so there’s no risk of them abandoning their cart mid-way through.

Local Marketing Benefits: 

Blogs are also a great way to grow your community of readers. If you’re running giveaways, then it’s easy for people who might not be able to win the prize themselves to tell their friends and family about how they can enter too, which will help increase sales in other areas of your business.

Blog posts create an opportunity for more SEO links – both internal and external as in https://newsreportonline.com/. This is because each blog post has its own URL so if someone shares that link with others on social media or sends them via email then there’s another page rank boost where those visitors will land when they click through from Google search results. 

Creative Writing Benefits:

Finally, blogging gives companies access to fresh content without having to hire expensive writers since many bloggers like myself enjoy sharing what we know about our industry and love to work on their own schedule.

Online marketing benefits:

The online marketing benefits you can get from your blog include access to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., which will help foster more engagement on your site in real time. Your blog also provides an excellent opportunity to increase customer loyalty through regular content updates as well as providing valuable resources such as tips or promotions. You could also offer discounts and exclusive offers exclusively available only to blog readers.

Search engine optimization benefits:

The search engine optimization benefits you get from your blog depend on the amount of time and effort put into SEO tactics such as keyword research, content creation, backlinks etc. Your site will start gaining better rankings in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) which means it will be seen by more people when they enter a query relevant to your niche. It also increases visibility for other pages on your website that are linked through the blog posts – this is called “PageRank Sculpting.” 


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