8 Ideas for Your Tech Blog that You Can Start Right Now

    Tech Blog

    Blogs are an excellent way to start building a community. You can use them in many ways, but one of the most common is as a tech blog. With so much information out there about new technology, it’s hard to know what you should be blogging about. 

    That’s why we put together this list of 8 ideas for your tech blog that you can start right now!

    1. What are the most popular gadgets right now? Share your opinion on them.
    2. Review new technology that you’ve tried out and share what other people should know about it.
    3. Write tutorials to help others get the most out of new software or hardware they just bought.
    4. Find innovative ways for using old tech devices in creative ways, like turning a Kindle into an Ebook reader for kids with special needs.
    5. Compare and contrast two products from different brands and talk about which one is best for certain uses (e.g., iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S).
    6. Offer tips and tricks for being more productive with technology. Everyone could use some time saving advice! Create a list of the best apps for certain tasks.
    7. Give your thoughts on emerging trends like voice assistants, chatbots and more!
    8. Share how a new piece of technology has helped you become better at what you do (e.g., using tech in teaching or therapy).

    There are so many options to choose from when deciding what to write about for your tech blog this list is just a start! There is more in brief further, Once you figure out the topics that interest you most, it’s easy to get started with blogging today.

    • Create a series of “how to” posts. For example, you could have one for how to use WordPress or how to do SEO optimization on your blog’s website page.
    • Write about the latest trends in tech and host weekly email newsletters with concise summaries of these articles from around the web for readers who might be too busy reading long form blogs but still want important news updates.
    • Collaborate with other bloggers by writing guest posts that are published regularly on their blog as well as yours. 

    This will create cross promotion opportunities between your sites, increase site traffic, and grow followers across social media channels all while providing quality content for visitors to read!

    • Interview people in different fields: doctors, lawyers, designers  and ask them how they’re using technology in their day to day.
    •  Create a series of podcasts that are published episodically on your blog or YouTube channel for readers who prefer audio content over reading blogs or articles. You could also offer transcripts as well!
    • Offer weekly live chats with other bloggers so you can answer questions about blogging and learn from others’ experiences. 

    The topics don’t have to be limited either: this should include everything from design advice to SEO tips, social media marketing strategies, affiliate recommendations, etc.

    •  Host events around the country where people can come together face to face with each other while learning more about different aspects of blogging like networking opportunities (which is hard to do online), social media marketing tips, and how to improve their website traffic.
    • Offer the chance for blog readers to share content they’ve written with your audience by hosting a weekly “Blogging 101” series where you cover some of the basics like determining what type of posts are best on your site or using SEO effectively so it appears higher in Google search results pages. 

    You can also offer more advanced topics like copyright law or blogging platforms that might be helpful to beginners in those areas.

    • Host monthly webinars about different blogging topics, one per month! These sessions could have multiple speakers who each talk for 20 minutes or even an hour at times while guests ask questions live during the session too so people can interact virtually.
    • Offer blog readers the opportunity to ask questions and interact with you on live video sessions that are posted as a recorded format. 

    These can be done through YouTube or other platforms so your followers have access wherever they’re spending most of their time online.

    These were some of the best technology blog ideas we have come up with, hope it helps you get the desired results.



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