8 Free Websites Every Content Creator Needs to Know


Everyone wants to create content for their blog, website, or social media feed- whether it be about fashion, home decorating ideas, DIY projects, product reviews and more. 

The key thing is to have your own opinions and post that stuff up online. But sometimes even the best bloggers need a little help from others’ hours of experience in order to understand what’s going on when it comes to blogging.

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On this list are some of the best free sites and tools for bloggers who want to take their blog game up a notch:

1. Blogger.com

Blogging site with no ads and a range of customizable tools from text-editing tools, to social media sharing options, to other features that get you more out of your blog. Best feature–it’s completely free (no advertising or membership fees).

2. Buffer

Similar to the popular scheduling tool Hootsuite, Buffer is used by some of the biggest blogs in the world such as Buzzfeed and Minimalism Blog. 

With this tool you can schedule posts just like Hootsuite and also have stats on how far your posts go on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest without being surprised later on when you’re never sharing your content on all platforms.

3. Canva

Canva is a simple to use, yet powerful web-based graphic design tool that allows you to create high-quality graphics quickly and easily. It’s a very useful tool if you want to give your blog some more pizazz by adding in images, headers or even entire blog posts with just one click. 

It doesn’t have as many free options for things like word fonts and designs but it does have enough for any new blogger who’s on a budget. The best thing about Canva is it’s completely free, no strings attached!

4. WordPress.org

This is the platform that you will likely be blogging on, so you should know how to use it! It has a ton of features and plugins that can really help with creating your blog’s look and feel, plus have some SEO functionality as well. 

They have a great community in the WordPress forums where you can ask any questions that you might have about everything from how to customize your blog, to finding new templates or plugins. 

5. Moz

Moz is a research tool, the best of which is their blog data analyzer that can give you the latest blog stats in all different types of categories, including most popular posts and content length per page. 

If you’re looking for a free tool to help you with blogging, you can’t beat this one. The best thing about Moz is, it’s completely free with no registration required.

6. Weebly

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable option to get online so that your business can reach new customers, Weebly’s a great place to start–it has an extremely user-friendly platform that’s got both text and image tools. 

You can customize your site pretty easily and even learn how to code if you’re interested in taking it up a notch. Although it’s not a free option, it is affordable at only $12.50/month with no long-term commitment.

7. Pinterest

This site is a gem for bloggers looking to make their blog posts more visual and visually appealing. 

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s a tool for increasing traffic to your site by creating highly visual content with photos, videos and graphics as well as tips on how to utilize the social media platform in accordance with your blog’s theme. 

A great free tool like Pinterest is great for boosting traffic and getting them to click over to your site where you can hopefully land them with something they really like!

8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is fantastic because it allows you to take any keyword or phrase and find out what popular posts are on that topic, what type of media they used (video, images, infographics), and how many shares they got. 

This helps you better understand the impact of what types of content work well for certain topics and helps you figure out if you want to create something similar or try something completely different for your blog readers. 

9. WordPress.com

WordPress.com allows you blogging without taking up space on your website or blog domain name. This means you can have your blog without having to pay for a domain name or hosting. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to blogging or don’t know that much about web design because it’s completely free and easy to use!


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