7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic from the Basics

Blog Traffic
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It’s no secret that Blogging has become a huge part of the digital marketing landscape. Blogs have been shown to be one of the best ways for businesses to generate leads, and they are also an excellent way for people to showcase their expertise in their particular field. In this blog post, we’re going to take you through 7 simple steps you can follow in order to start seeing improvements with your Blog Traffic! Before that, get the answer for  what is a tech blog

Step One: Blog Scheduling

It’s important to know that the key to Blog Traffic is consistency. You won’t see any results if you only blog once in a while! Set aside some time every day or week for Blogging, and schedule your posts ahead of time so you can get them out without worrying about when they’ll publish. The more often people are seeing your Blog content, the better chance it has of ranking high on Google searches because Blogs with regular publishing schedules tend to rank higher than those who just sporadically post here and there.

Step Two: Optimize Your Content For Keywords

Once you’ve made sure your Blog is scheduled, use keyword research tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs to find Blog keywords that are relevant to your Blog content. This will help you get more visibility in Google searches, and make it easier for people looking for information relating to Blog topics to stumble across yours!

Step Three: Optimize Your Images

The images on your Blog posts have a huge impact when it comes to how many clicks they’ll generate from readers and the potential for traffic increase as well. Consider using high-quality photos or graphics designed specifically for Blogs (like these!) which will not only look great but also provide some SEO value by giving search engines an idea of what’s being offered in each post.

Step Four: Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Links To Other Blog Posts On Your Site

There has been quite a bit of discussion about Blog links in Google’s algorithm, and it is believed that Blogs with more diverse link sources rank higher. Make sure you have plenty of Blog posts on your site so people can easily find other content relating to their search or topic area by using the navigation menu at the top!

Step Five: Add Follow Buttons To All Social Media Platforms

When you’re Blogging consistently, one thing you should do is make sure all your social media platforms are set up with follow buttons for easy access. This will help drive traffic back to your Blog from those who might want updates as they happen (especially if they’re following multiple types of social media), which increases visibility and gives them a reason to come back again soon!

Step Six: Blog Consistently And Share Other Blogs For Traffic

Along with regular Blog posts, make sure you’re sharing other Bloggers’ content on social media. This will create a sense of community and help spread the word to more people about what’s going on in your industry!

Step Seven: Create An Email List

One final way you can drive traffic is by creating an email list using tools like Mailchimp or Aweber. These services give subscribers access to exclusive Blog posts that won’t be published anywhere else, which means they’ll come back for more when those arrive in their inboxes as well! The key thing here is consistency Blog consistently so readers know when new content from you has been posted.



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