7 Video Game Blogs You Need to Check Out

    Video Game

    Video games have a reputation for being a solitary, electronic diversion in which you can escape reality. But that’s just one half of the story; video games are increasingly becoming multi-media platforms used for teaching, socializing and both professional and recreational business development. Blogs about each game offer insight from seasoned developers who might be able to help you find your next gaming project or release yourself from crippling debt.

    Today we’re going to cover some of the best video game blogs out there today. We’re going to start off with a few classic blogs that have been around for years and still get fresh content. This will help us narrow the field down to just some of the best ones out there.

    This blog has long been around and is one that you should know about if you are interested in game development. If they don’t have an entry about one of your favorite games, they might also have an entry on a new indie game you haven’t heard of yet. The blog has over 4,000 posts and it only gained over 400 followers since its inception.

    They publish very regular updates on their Twitter page which is another great way to keep track of them as well as other publishers in the industry. If nothing else, you can always check out their reviews and the best part about this blog is that they review new games on an almost weekly basis. They are always there to help when you need a hand with your own game or getting feedback from other developers.

    Game Dev Tracker

    A popular blog aiming to help developers by providing news and resources for them to check out on a daily basis. They have over 200,000 page views per month which is great and can be seen in the amount of followers they have on their Twitter account . They also have a good amount of traffic compared to most of the blogs on this list, so if you are really interested in more than just video games then give them a look.


    A blog that was founded in 2012 and leans on the side of giving more of a journalistic and serious approach to games. While they have quality content, it’s not going to be helpful if you are developing your own game. The reason their blog is here is because they have a large amount of followers and are written by some of the biggest names in gaming journalism. If you can get in early with them then you might be able to get some press which could mean bigger sales for your game.


    Another blog that has been around for years and that has an abundance of information for both developers and gamers alike. They are one of the most reputable gaming blogs out there and they have been around since 1999. This means that you can trust their information to be correct and up to date on the latest news. They also have some great editors who come up with blog topics in between games being released. They make sure that there is something there for everyone, no matter if you are a developer or a gamer.

    Gamers With Jobs

    If you are an avid gamer and love playing everything that comes out, this blog is for you. They cover all kinds of games from all kinds of genres so you can keep up to date with what’s trending in the industry right now. They have a lot of great content and are always adding more to their blog. Even if you don’t love video games this blog is still worth checking out on a daily basis.


    Another place where most people have some pretty good knowledge about video games. If you go into the Gaming section it should be obvious what kind of information they specialize in, but it’s another blog that has seen better days. The reason they are on this list is because they are so large and so popular which means that if you know something about gaming then you can get your name out there by either being interviewed or writing up your own article for them. It’s a great way to get your name out there and make an impact.


    Another blog that has been around for years and has had some good content in the past. They are still around today which is great because they seem to keep up with the times and update their site on a frequent basis with new information from developers in the industry. They have great writers as well as ex-developers who don’t just write about video games but can also talk about areas such as sports, movies, technology and every other type of entertainment that exists in this world.

    The Escapist

    A news based blog that has been around for years and they have great writers who can keep everything organized. They often talk about new upcoming games and how they are progressing in their development. They also have news about all the latest technology and games out there. This blog is a great way to see what is happening in the gaming industry without having to scour through a bunch of other blogs and websites looking for information.

    Video game blogs are becoming more popular every year which means that there will be more competition out there than before for your eyes and ears. It’s important to know what kind of information you are looking for and how you can find it from a place like a video game blog.


    They have different areas of expertise and post about the things that interest you the most. Some blogs will be more beneficial to gamers who want to know about new games before they are even released, while other blogs will focus on developers and how they can get their games out there and be successful in doing so.  

    If you ever have any questions or if you want some feedback on your own game, then you should definitely look for a blog like this because they are always looking for new projects to work on and for people to talk to who have great ideas. When you write something every day it’s good to get feedback from others in order to improve every aspect of your game.



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