7 Things That You Never Expect On Cannabis Companies

Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is still in its infancy stages, but at the same time it’s expanding rapidly. Both companies are seeking to make a difference in the industry with innovative products and services. SEO services for cannabis companies are a must!

However, there are other businesses out there that you may be unaware of that provide equally beneficial goods and services as well as frustrating service complaints from customers. Here at Leafly, we’ll highlight seven things to look out for while shopping around for your next cannabis purchase or getting in contact with a company you think has what it takes to take off like hemp did after prohibition.

1. You’ll Never Have to Write a Review

All of us at Leafly have been receiving emails and phone calls from companies asking us to check out their products and services, as well as write a good review for them. Although we appreciate the free samples and discounts, we can’t write a review under any circumstances. Unfortunately, the law does not allow us to say anything positive about any business that we wouldn’t say about our friends and family.

2. Rolling Papers Are NOT Made Here

There isn’t much more of an eye-opener than seeing companies selling rolling papers in their packaging as if they were made here in America with “Made in the USA” stamped on them. This is one of those things that only a consumer would notice and is more common than you’d think. “Moldex” brand rolling papers are sometimes sold by other companies, so be aware before purchasing!

3. Keep an Eye Out for Unexpected Grams

Although the majority of edibles producers and concentrate producers are using weights to ensure the quality and accuracy of their products, there is a minority that isn’t doing so, especially with concentrates. 

Some companies will sell you a gram of concentrate when you believe that you’re getting a half-gram or quarter-gram. Always check your final weight before walking out the door!

4. Lab Testing Can Make or Break Your Business

When it comes to any cannabis product, lab testing is crucial in keeping ingredients consistent from batch to batch. What may have started out as a problem with one batch can quickly spread to other batches shortly after if not handled correctly by the manufacturer.

If any cannabis company has a lab testing result in their store or website, it is highly suggested that you check the validity of the lab used and check for their accreditation. This can save you an unfortunate experience of using a poor quality product.

5. Get a Professional Looking Website

Many cannabis businesses are starting to invest in their online presence, but some are going about it in the wrong way. Many companies are using stock images or poorly angled phone photos with bad lighting and poor product presentation. 

You can’t expect to sell much if no one wants to shop on your website, so pay special attention to the quality of your website next time you head out shopping for top-shelf cannabis. Not only is a professional looking website important, but expect it to provide a quick load time (most people will click out of your site while they’re waiting) and have an easy checkout process (nothing’s more frustrating than inputting all of your payment information only to get slammed with an error message).

6. Ordering Online Can Be a Tricky Process

If you are looking to order cannabis online, it’s important to understand that the online ordering experience can be very different from one company to the next. Some have a normal checkout process, if not an automatic one. 

Others can take several hours until your order is finalized and ready for delivery. And then there are some companies who just flat out refuse to ship anything until you’re pre-paying for it! So remember: check all of your options before pre-ordering any kind of product!

7. Good Service and Treats are Surprisingly Rare

If you’ve been around the cannabis scene for some time and have gotten to know some of the people in the industry, you’ve probably heard a few horror stories about how service-oriented companies can treat their customers like crap. 

From outright refusing to serve people on medical or recreational use, to credit cards not being honored, even to blatantly lying and telling customers they’re sending their order when they’re actually only handling it at all – this is a huge pet peeve of many responsible consumers.

The cannabis industry is a lot like anything else in life: you get out of it what you put into it. If you’re looking for great service and good, quality products, look for anyone who has those two things as their main focus. On the other hand, if you’re accustomed to having to push your way through a business just to get service that’s subpar at best, then it won’t matter where in the world you go shopping!


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