7 Must-Use Strategies When Creating Instagram Ads


Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing only platform to one that utilises videos. You can now do IG TV, Reels, and stories. For these reasons, marketers capitalise on IG to reach their target audience. You must capitalise on this, too, if you don’t want to lose to your competitors. Fortunately, you can use a video maker to create remarkable content even if you don’t have video production experience. You can try this tool to jump-start your video marketing. 

Because of tricky Instagram algorithms, you can no longer just rely on organic postings. It’s time to utilise Instagram advertising to reach more people than ever before. Though there’s no magic bullet for Insta-worthy advertising success, creating the right strategy can help you create eye-catching output while managing ad spend efficiency. Creativity helps in generating leads and increasing conversions. If you want to create high-performing IG ads, start with these seven must-use strategies.

1. Work With Use-Generated Content

The best people to sell your brand are not your marketers but your customers. They serve as the best billboard for your products or services on the web. Your IG ad strategy will never be complete without relying on user-generated content. 

Today, people feel very sceptical about pushy, hard-core ads. They love to hear genuine feedback coming from happy and satisfied customers. This is your best testimonial for your brand, serving as the social proof that your brand can be trusted. Instead of using staged shots, rely on content that your customers share.  

Take screen captures and reshare them while tagging the original user. Alternatively, you can make a quick video slideshow. Use a video maker to combine all of the user-generated materials you’ve gathered. Then don’t forget to add the following for extra attention:

  • Music
  • Wordings
  • Effects 
  • Filters 

With these techniques, you can create an ad that generates rapport and resonates with your target audience. 

2. Use Dynamic Ads

As a business owner, you likely have stunning product photos. These were staged, shot, and edited to make sure the goods shine on your web page and other marketing materials. Thus, you must utilise these existing assets to create dynamic product ads on IG. If you don’t have them yet, use your video maker, which comes with an image enhancer and photo collage maker. 

These dynamic ads pull stuff directly from your own product catalogue. With stunning pictures, you can entice viewers to buy. These stunning ads will help sell your products. Just don’t forget to include the following: 

  • Ad a creative copy to entice buyers
  • Include a strong call to action
  • Make sure your information is readily available 

3. Enforce Strong Targeting 

You don’t want your ads to go amiss because you are too lazy to establish correct targeting. It’s not enough to make ads creative or appealing with your video maker. The top priority is to make sure that the people you want to sell to can actually see your IG ads. If they don’t see it, this renders all your hard work in editing with a video maker useless. 

For best results, ensure your content aligns with your audience and outcome. Take note of the following details:

  • Age 
  • Location 
  • Language
  • Interests 

Working with customer data should never be forgotten. Unfortunately, these details often get overlooked when you try for something innovative or creative. For best results, all your creative assets must target warm leads who are truly interested in your products in the first place. If you utilise this strategy, your ads will be more effective and you can expect better ROI.

4. Contextualise What You Sell

You will have a hard time selling abstract products and services. If you want your followers to imagine themselves using your stuff, you need good content. Style your products or services then shoot them. Then, use a video maker for editing to ascertain you create stunning clips and images for your ads. 

Expertly styled ads that have been painstakingly thought out show your attention to detail. It will also help capture the essence and nuances of what you’re trying to sell. To increase conversion, it would help to link up these ads to your product catalogue. Moreover, you can also tag them in your organic posts. 

5. Use Creative Brand Positioning

Utilise branding touches for unity and instant brand recall. Make sure your IG profile and descriptions align with what customers see on your website and other social media channels. In the same token, your ads must carry the same vibe. This is a great ad tactic because it builds easy identification by showing what your brand is all about. 

Create an advertising copy that clearly states what makes you different from your competitors. Use this as a chance to show how you’re better than the rest. This also works well when executed visually since people on IG scroll fast when they’re scanning their profiles. Use your video maker to curate stunning and eye-catching elements for your ads.

6. Stay Mindful of the Words Used

Although word plays and puns work to catch attention, they’re not the best ones to use for advertisement. Instead, make sure your ad copy is:

  • Very clear
  • Direct
  • Succinct
  • On point
  • Informative

Your goal is to tell the users how your products or services work, and there’s no room for confusion. Though creativity has its benefits, the top priority for ads is clarity. Since you’re paying for the exposure, you cannot afford any mistakes, misrepresentations, and misunderstandings.


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