5 Awesome Games to Celebrate August


    August is a great time to get together and celebrate your independence, so why not do it with games? Games are always fun on their own, but they can be even more awesome when you’re playing them as a group! Here’s five of our favorite games that will make the perfect addition to any Independence Day celebration.

    Games include:

    1) The Settlers of Catan

    2) Uno Speed ​​Play Game

    3) Monopoly Deal Card Game

    4) Scrabble Slam Card Game (coming soon!)

    5) UNO RUSH! Card Game

    6) Family Feud

    7) Limbo

    8) Super Mario Bros

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    Games are fast-paced in this version of UNO where players try to get rid of all their cards before everyone else can do so. There’s no need for turns or draws because it’s just like regular Uno except players will race against each other until someone gets out first!

    The Settlers of Catan:

    The goal of The Settlers of Catan is to build roads, settlements, and cities while trading resources with other players. Games can take up to 90 minutes so it’s perfect as a party game!

    Uno Speed ​​Play Card Game:

    Games include all your favorite Uno cards in this fast-paced card game. There are no turns or draws here; It’s just you versus whoever challenges you next until someone runs out of cards first!

    Monopoly Deal Card Games:

    Monopoly Deal games will let everyone enjoy their favorite board game without sitting around waiting for hours in one big group. This version has smaller groups and shorter games that should only last about 30 minutes per round, making them perfect for a party game night.

    Scrabble Slam Cards Games:

    Scrabble Slam Card Games is the perfect card game to play with friends and family! This new variation combines Scrabble, luck cards, Slap Jack, and more to create an awesome party game you’ll love playing again and again.

    Family Feud:

    This game has been going strong since 1976 and continues being one of America’s most popular TV shows today (and rightfully so). Connect this classic family game with some food for an extra level of competitiveness or try adding in person versus player questions and see who can come up with the best answers faster.

    Games to Celebrate August!

    Games like “Limbo” and “Super Mario Bros.” provide a great way to celebrate the day.


    Limbo is an award winning indie game with very basic graphics but it has been hailed as one of the best from the last decade. It’s suspenseful style will keep you on your toes throughout gameplay while contemplating life, death, and everything in between.

    Super Mario Bros:

    Super Mario Bros., originally released for NES back in 1985, remains popular today because it features iconic characters and memorable music all without ever using any text or dialogue through its entire duration. There are also a lot of hidden secrets and surprises to uncover. Games like these are perfect for the whole family!


    In conclusion, games can be so much more than just entertainment or an escape from reality. Games offer us the opportunity to connect with our loved ones while celebrating love, life, and independence in new ways.



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