5 advantages of digital signage

digital signage

As per a survey, the Australian advertising market was worth 14.29 billion dollars in 2020. According to Statista, approximately 1.7 billion Australian dollars have been spent on advertising in the retail industry in 2019. As per another survey, the Australian retail industry is booming, with 25 per cent of the sales because of digital signage. Due to its effectiveness, many companies use signage as a marketing and brand strategy. So, if you have a retail store and are on the lookout for it, you can search for online stores that provide digital signage in Australia. After all, it plays a massive role in delivering messages and catching customers’ attention. Compared to static signage, the digital one is becoming more significant with video, graphics, and other content, improving the customers’ experience. You can also find signage with interactive technology that allows you to “try-on” products virtually, view more products, and locate the inventory. But is it essential for the retail sector to include it in their stores? You can read on and find out the advantages of having digital signage.

  1. It can increase engagement and retention rates: Using digital signage allows you to engage more customers since it is very visual. As per a survey, 59 per cent want to know what’s shown on the screen, whereas 63 per cent agree that digital signage grabs their attention. In addition to this, the recall rate of the signs is 83 per cent, and customers only remember 65 per cent of the information after three days. After all, humans can process visual messages and information faster than text. If you want to capture more attention from the customers, you can add some movement to the text or notes.
  2. It is cost-effective: Business owners can gain additional revenue with the digital signs. After installing them, you can sell some advertising space to various businesses or brands. You can raise brand awareness and increase the sales territory and target market. Furthermore, you can ensure that companies save money with digital signs rather than waste materials and printing.
  3. Displays can be changed easily: You can easily change the display at a short moment’s notice. No matter the country, you can deploy a new advertisement across all the stores from one remote location simultaneously. It is crucial to provide a consistent in-store experience for branding. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose your brand identity. In case of any new products or offers, you can easily display them on the signage across all stores. It is a lot easier than static or traditional displays since you will have to replace them every time a new product arrives in the store. What’s more, companies don’t have to manually make any changes to modify the display. Instead, changes can be made with the help of rule-based software, which is convenient. For instance, several fast-food restaurants display food prices using the menu boards. You can make changes in the costs of the happy hour, the morning commute, and lunch hour rush with the help of the software. Similarly, you can change prices and offer unique services automatically from any location. You can purchase digital signage in Australia from online retailers. 
  4. It is more versatile and scalable: Compared to other communication mediums, you can ensure that the signs are adaptable and scalable. That’s because different types of content can be displayed on them. Since the software centrally manages many things, you can expand your system, update messages effortlessly and add more media players.
  5. It can boost impulse purchase sales: You can convey promotions, in-store specials, and 
  6. messages when the customers contemplate the purchases. When the shoppers get an extra push because of the advertisements, it will boost impulse purchase sales.


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