20 unique ideas for tech blogs


Tech blogs typically take an inside-the-box approach to their subjects.

Some of these sites, however, have the incredible ability to be creative and original about their topics, often going beyond what might be expected from a traditional tech blog.

I hope you’ll find a little inspiration from these innovative websites!

Websitesetuper has some more unique ideas for tech blogs.

If you want to learn something new or improve your skill set, there is no excuse not to. 

There are countless free resources for virtually anything from basic skills like math and reading comprehension to more advanced domains such as web design and programming languages.

Here are 20 unique ideas for tech blogs-

1. HackADay

This blog is dedicated to “hacking everyday objects”. The name comes from the popular TV show Hackers (hehehehe) where people reverse-engineer factories and break into military computers. This blog is great because it looks at things like how to hack your digital camera, your bicycle or even your light bulb.

2. Make

This is an incredibly inspiring blog. The Make Magazine blog helps you to become a “maker” by learning how to 3D print, or sell science-related crafts online. You can also learn how to make your own energy-efficient solar panels.

3. DIY Photography

If you love photography, you must check out this site . They have all the details you need on how to make professional camera equipment for nearly nothing! You can also learn about their favorite affordable cameras and camera accessories. 

And best of all, they are constantly updating their website with the latest news in the photography world!

4. MakeUseOf

This blog is perfect if you are interested in online business, apps, technology and plenty of other stuff that will make your life easier. 

Here you will find tips on how to make your computer faster, how to customize your iPhone or even how to find a job online! This site has it all!

5. Instructables

This site provides detailed instructions on how to make pretty much anything by yourself. And that includes everything from jigsaws to gadgets. 

You can even learn how to make your own pizza!

6. Wetpaint

This blog is dedicated to art, drawing, illustration and graphic design. They show you how-to’s on websites like Photoshop and Illustrator. 

This site is the perfect place for all you aspiring artists out there!

7. Juxtapoz Magazine

This is a fantastic site filled with galleries of art, photography and fashion. 

They also have daily articles on new art in galleries all over the world so no matter what your taste in art is, you are guaranteed to find something to love here!

8. Lifehacker

This blog is awesome for finding great life hacks. They show you the best ways to get more done in less time and share awesome methods for being healthy and saving money at the same time. If you have a smartphone or a computer, then check out Lifehacker as it will improve your life!

9. The Art of Manliness Blog

This blog is awesome for all things related to being a manly man . They have a ton of different articles on everything from DIY projects, to how to cook a turkey or even how to find love. 

In fact, this blog is so long that they have a blogroll on the top of their site so you can find all of their most popular articles!

10. Make Magazine

This is an incredibly inspiring blog . The Make Magazine blog helps you to become a “maker” by learning how to 3D print , or sell science-related crafts online. 

You can also learn how to make your own energy-efficient solar panels.

11. Popular Mechanics

This blog is for people who love everything related to cars . They have all kinds of information on new vehicles, fuel economy, repair tips and even how to fix your own car! 

They also have guides on how to use your GPS or other navigation device so you always know where you are!

12. Make It & Love It Blog

This is a blog for crafting lovers . They show you how-to’s on how to make pretty much anything out of clay or wood, like bowls, vases and jewelry boxes. Check it out for great tips on many crafts!

13. Music.com

This is a blog that talks about music news and reviews. They also have the best music video blogs that are pertinent to new pop culture too! 

When you hear about an artist you love, check here first for all the latest updates.

14. Coolest Gadgets

This is a blog about the coolest gadgets on the web. They have objective reviews on all kinds of digital devices from smartphones to computers to health products. 

They also have cool how-to’s for all kinds of gadgets and their cool projects! Check it out for your next gadget fix!

15. Digital Photography Review

This is a blog that talks about the latest techniques in digital photography . They have great articles on all the best cameras, lenses, accessories and learning opportunities! 

This is a great place to meet new photographers and get industry news. Plus, they even have a forum with lots of knowledgeable members who love photography!

16. Laptop Mag.com

17. Lifehacker

18. Pocket Lint.com

19. CNN Money

20. Serious Eats Online Magazine


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