15 Tips For MICHIGAN CBD Success


Every state in the United States has the opportunity to grow and cultivate medical marijuana, but not every state is as fortunate as start a business michigan. That’s because the recently passed Michigan Medical Marijuana Act allows residents to grow up to 12 plants in their own home. To get a hold of some of that newly legal cannabis, be sure you know these 15 tips for Michigan CBD success!

1. You Have To Be A Resident

You must be a resident of the state of Michigan to apply for a medical marijuana card, so if you haven’t moved to the state, you won’t be able to get your medical marijuana card. This will also apply to visitors, including students.

2. You Don’t Need A Marijuana Card To Enjoy CBD Benefits

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil is one of the active ingredients in cannabis and is completely legal in the state of Michigan. You can purchase it anywhere across the state and can enjoy its benefits without having a card.

3. You Must Check Your Own Medicine Supply

You only get one chance to check your medicine supply, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s well-stocked with CBD oil. Store away the non-smokable flower, because you won’t be able to use it legally until the state issues its new rule in December 2017.

4. You Can Use CBD Oil Through Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

CBD oil is available for sale through medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan. You must be 21 years old, but there aren’t any restrictions as far as dosage goes! Just buy a little and enjoy the benefits!

5. You Can Buy CBD Oil From Dispensaries Without Being A Patient

This is another great benefit of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Unlike other states, you don’t need a prescription to buy CBD oil from a dispensary.

6. You Can Order It Right After Receiving Your Card

You can start ordering your medical cannabis oil right after you receive your medical marijuana card! Of course, you must wait until the state issues its new rule in December 2017, which will allow patients to get their medicine immediately (cannabis flowers are currently banned).

7. You Must Grow Your Own Medicine

There is no limit on how much medicine a patient can grow at one time, but there is a limit of 12 plants per household. The plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked facility and cannot be grown in public view.

8. There Are No Limits On How Much You Can Consume At One Time

If you happen to find yourself with too much cannabis oil on your hands, you can consume more than 3 ounces at one time. In fact, you can even carry up to 2 1/2 ounces on your person.

9. Opening A Dispensary Is Easy

There are no limits on how many dispensaries a patient can own either! You are allowed to open as many dispensaries as you please across the state of Michigan.

10. You Can Take CBD Oil Everywhere You Go

You can take your CBD oil wherever you go, whether that means the grocery store, your run to class or even a family barbecue!

11. You Can Buy All Kinds Of CBD Products

Like other states, you can buy all kinds of CBD products in Michigan.

12. You Can Order Your Medicine Online

The best part about ordering your medicine online is that you don’t have to mess with the state’s rules and regulations if you don’t want to! And of course, this is legal in most states across the United States too! 

13. You Can Give Your Medicine To A Family Member

If you grow your own medicine, you can also give it to your family members. They will have to be under the same caregiver license, but it is a great way to help someone in your family who needs CBD oil!

14. You Can Recruit New Patients

The state of Michigan has a program called the “safe harbor” law, which allows medical marijuana patients to recruit other patients. This is especially helpful for caregivers who are looking for more clients and people who need a little help getting their caregiver license filled out.

15. You Can Order CBD Oil Online

Just like all other states, you can also order your CBD oil online from Michigan. Just be sure to research the stores that you’re ordering from so that you don’t get ripped off.


This article was originally posted at [ http://www.newcbdreviews.com ] . Make sure to visit them for more information about CBD products, where to buy them and how you can use them! There are specific websites for each state too if you are interested in learning which ones are available in your state! 


Michigan has had a great year for medical marijuana laws. In 2016, the state passed a law that allowed patients to buy and use CBD products, which is something that no other state in the US can do.


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