15 Advantages Of BigCommerce And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

big commerce

A lot of people have been shopping for e-commerce platforms lately, but it can be hard to decide which online marketplace you want to invest your time and money in. The important factors that determine the best choice for your business are really all about your specific needs. click here

We’ve created this list of 15 Advantages Of BigCommerce and how you can make full use of it to help guide you through the process.

1. BigCommerce Has A Completely Customizable Dashboard

The entire BigCommerce dashboard is customizable to fit your specific brand and business needs. There are literally dozens of different settings that you can adjust in the backend. Even if you have multiple users, they can all choose their own settings for font size, colors and tabs.

2. You Can Choose Between Several Plans

There are seven different pricing plans for BigCommerce that range from $29/month all the way up to a $599 setup fee and then $1199 at 24 months. The amount that you pay is directly proportional to how much storage space you get, so if you want more space than the other plans offer you will need to pay more each month.

3. You Can Use PayPal To Make Online Payments

BigCommerce has the feature set for making online payments through PayPal. The platform also has a secure checkout system where you can easily pay from any device that connects to the internet. This is especially convenient when you are in your store, checkout and then need to be at the door to sign for packages being delivered. 

4. You Can Create Custom Shipping Packages

If you would like to create more detailed shipping rates for your customers, BigCommerce has the option for you to do so. For example, if you have a customer who is in Hawaii and wants their order shipped there overnight, you can put that on a custom shipping package. All of this information is customizable in the back-end of the program and then shown to your customer when they are checking out their cart.

5. You Can Import Your Existing Customers

One of the biggest time-saving features of BigCommerce is that you can import all of your existing customers to the platform. The system will pull your customer information automatically, so all you have to do is choose whether or not you would like to keep that customer’s information private or public.

6. You Can Create Coupons With Unique Code

If you want customers in your store who aren’t already there, coupons are a great way for them to join up for free. If you wish, you can create coupons that are different from your standard ones and then link them to unique codes. This means that when the coupon is used, it will instantly get sent to the customer’s inbox.

7. You Can Easily Create Sub-Categories In Your Store

You can easily make sub-categories in your store for different types of products by simply adding a category tag to them. You can choose whatever kind of sub-categories you would like, so if you feel like there are certain categories within your store that have been underused, you can add this feature.

8. You Can Get Involved In The Community

BigCommerce has an entire section of the website that is dedicated to getting you involved in the community. This means that you can easily find third party services for your store as well as other people who use BigCommerce. If you have any questions about your account, products or how to get started with the platform, there will be thousands of other users who can help you with it.

9. You Can Easily Integrate With Other Systems

BigCommerce has a variety of different integrations that are done entirely through their API platform. For example, if you want to add a video area of your website, you can create a video player and drag it into BigCommerce. All of this information is integrated in the back-end, so all it will take is for someone from the Big Commerce team to approve your import.

10. You Can Customize The Website Of Your Store

You can customize every single area of the store that is visible to customers by using custom CSS and HTML code. This means that you can change up fonts, colors and navigation to your store however you would like. If you are not comfortable with HTML, don’t worry! The BigCommerce platform has a built in code editor that makes website editing incredibly simple so anyone can do it.

11. You Can Integrate With Shopify And Google Analytics

If you want to integrate other features onto your platform with BigCommerce, it is super easy to do so thanks to the API platform. For example, you can integrate with Shopify so that you can get your account linked to it. This means that when a customer adds items to their shopping cart on your site, they will automatically go directly to your Shopify store. This can be very useful if they want to check out more products or even add them to their cart.

12. You Can Create A Wishlist Feature That Is Unique To Your Store

If you have a store where people like to come and peruse different products, having a wishlist feature is an easy way for people to bookmark the items that they want later on. This can be a great way for you to get repeat customers who are constantly coming back to check out what new products you have.

13. You Can Add Custom Orders And Track The Status Of Them

BigCommerce allows you to add custom orders that aren’t listed within your product pages. This can keep your store on the cutting edge of innovation because it can offer pull down tabs for custom order sizes and colors, for example. This means that people will be able to find exactly what they want as quickly as possible, which is a great way to save them time and make them more likely to purchase something off of your site.

14. You Can Update Or Delete The Settings Of Any Product

You can easily change the settings of any product from the back-end of your site. This means that you can adjust things like images, colors and shipping options without having to go into each individual product and edit it. All you have to do is log into your BigCommerce account, go to the settings page for a particular product and then adjust as necessary!

15. You Can Upload Your Own Stock Photos And Brand Etiquette Into The Software

If you want to make sure your customers are happy with what they order, BigCommerce allows you to upload a custom image of your own that will be displayed on every single page within their checkout system.


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