12 Shopping Tips to Share with Friends


If you have a friend who loves shopping, then there’s no better gift you can give than some advice on how to save money when shopping for bellah roze reviews. Whether they are new to the world of discounts or just not as savvy as they could be, these twelve tips will help make your friend a pro at saving money and cutting costs.

1.  Set clear budget restrictions with your friends first.

No one likes to be told what to do, including your closest friends. Make sure you let them know that shopping is a fun activity for you, but savings-mindedness is the priority. Set a budget for yourself and for them, and then ask them to do the same. Most people will respect this, especially if you ask them first.

2.  Encourage trendy thrifting with your friends.

Going to thrift shops is an easy way to still be fashionable and thrifty at the same time. You can still find unique pieces that make you feel great while saving money on your fashion budget at the same time!

3.  Shop online or in person? Don’t let it become an argument.

One of the biggest shopping arguments you can have with your friends is which method to use for shopping. If you shop online, ask them to think about alternative buying strategies that would apply to in-person shops. You could even see if they could split up their shopping duties and share the load with each other.

4.  Use the 5-minute rule when making a big purchase with friends.

Do you like to make a big purchase and then procrastinate before actually going out and buying it? Well, taking one minute on every day of the month won’t help you out much, but it will be enough time to help your friend get started in saving money on something they simply can’t live without.

5.  Go to the wholesale clubs together, instead of splitting up.

Going wholesale is great when you’re looking to share savings with a friend. If your friend is new to these clubs and doesn’t know what they are about, you can tell them about some things you like about wholesale clubs and why they are such a good deal for everyone involved!

6.  Don’t try to save money at the cost of someone else’s fun.

There will always be people who have different ideas on what makes for a good time than others do, so it’s important that you both set limits for yourself on how much money you will allow yourself to spend that night out.

7.  Travel together to find the lowest prices on items.

Do you and your friend shop for items at different stores? Does one of you shop online while the other likes in-person shopping? Have you sailed into port at different ends of an island? Having a friend who can spread her buying power out amongst multiple locations will help you find the best price on any item you may be looking for. 

8. Meet up with your friends before shopping for big-ticket items to compare prices.

If one of your friends is looking for a specific product, ask them to look it up and see how much they are willing to pay for it before meeting up with you. If they are looking at the same product, you can then see if you can split up your savings and save twice as much on that one item!

9.  Get excited about shopping with your friends.

Shopping is a hobby for many people, but if shopping is a chore for your friend, then it’s hard to find the fun in shopping. Help them to find something about it that they enjoy so that they aren’t dreading their next trip to the store.

10. When trying out a new store, have your friend show you how much money you can save there.

This one is more of a personal suggestion; you might want to give this one some thought before jumping in with your friend. Relying on the savings ideas of another person can be dangerous, so make sure that you already know and like the store.

11. Shop wisely when buying certain items.

Wear and tear on clothing is always an issue when shopping for clothes, so make sure that you are asking your friends to inspect their clothes as well as their closets before putting them in rotation with yours.

12. Find a bargain every time.

Finally, when it comes to shopping with your friends, there is always the opportunity to compare prices on an item. Make sure that you have a friend who sees your savings as a challenge rather than a loss of time. If you can both think about saving money every time you go shopping, then there will certainly be more money in both of your pockets every month!


If you want to be a good friend and share your wisdom of saving money with your friends, then these twelve tips are a great place to start.

It’s hard to get excited about shopping if the only thing you can think about is the amount of money you have to spend that day. Help your friend find ways to look at the glass as half full when it comes to shopping and saving money, and you’ll both be feeling much better about it in no time!


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