11 Ways to Become an Impactful Corporate Leader


It’s telling that in order to have an impact in life, you need these things which are recommended by https://somethingwithnumbers.net/ :

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  1. Core competency is the foundation of your career don’t build too many skills on top of it. 
  2. Adopt an extroverted personality you are more likely to be respected if people think you are confident and assertive. 
  3. Know how to articulate your vision for the organization outside your department, division or function. 
  4. Make a commitment to continual learning and improvement, and deliver results by making your work exciting.
  5. Learn to influence people outside of your department, division or function you’ll be more productive as a leader who can move others as well as herself. 

Something you’re really good at 

  1. Embrace the importance of not only your personal brand but your company’s brand don’t feel like you have to be all things to all people for the team members who may not align with your personal brand. 
  2. Ensure that your people and their careers are bigger than you. 
  3. Have the courage to walk away from a job or a situation that isn’t right for you. 
  4. Have the courage to speak out and take action when your colleagues, boss and organization aren’t measuring up don’t wait for someone else to change things. 
  5. Do more than just talk about adjusting your organization’s behavior if it isn’t in line with what you believe, or moving it forward if it is in line with what you believe in behave consistently with your values and beliefs in good times and bad. 

Transform your job

  1. Be willing to transform your job, your organization or even yourself if there is something clearer or more fulfilling out there for you.

The ability to make a difference in the world is impacted by actions that are driven by passion and empathy, which in turn are influenced by our ability to empathize with others. It’s not easy to have an impact when you’re overwhelmed by the circumstances in your life. Your circumstances don’t have to be overwhelming. But they do have to matter to you and you must be clearly defined and committed. 

Think of our circumstances as seats in a theater. 

You can see the screen and the action, but you’re sitting next to someone who is talking through it or complaining because it isn’t what they wanted or expected. This is what it’s like to have an impact when you don’t have your personal vision clearly defined and you don’t know your core competency. You’re sitting next to someone who can be heard no matter how loudly you yell or complain. You think they are having more fun than you are. They really aren’t they just don’t realize they can move if they want to. 

You will find alignment, passion and empathy 

When the experience of the movie or play matches up with what you expected or wanted out of it ahead of time after all, that is what you signed up for. You can’t create an impact if you don’t know why your circumstances matter to you and who you are when it comes to having an impact in the world. 

Having a clearly defined vision for your life and career is like heading out with a map ahead of time. You know where you’re going and how to get there, and you can see your current position relative to your goals. On the other hand, heading out with nothing but a goal is like driving with no map or headlights. You may pass places that could have been great for you along the way, but because they aren’t where you’re headed, they don’t matter. And if you had been driving with a map or headlights, you may have altered your current position at any point along the way. 

Desired destination

Your core competency is what makes you an impactful leader and the foundation of your career doesn’t build too many skills on top of it. You can orchestrate a change in your circumstances by taking stock of where you are now, where your desired destination is and how to get there and then by actually getting there.

Something that can make a difference in the world

  1. Consider your core competencies. 
  2. Identify your impact drivers. 
  3. Determine what needs to happen for you to have an impact. 
  4. Identify the skills and knowledge you need to acquire and/or develop in order to have an impact some of this may come from your current job, some of it from outside of work, some of it from coaching or training, some of it from focused time alone and some of it from taking a class or a course online or in a room with other people. 
  5. Establish a plan for implementation. 
  6. Execute the plan, don’t worry about how you will know if something isn’t working or how you will know when it is working, just focus on execution and course correction along the way. 
  7. Celebrate your accomplishments by being more committed to continual improvement and have patience with yourself in doing so as you build new competencies, you will find new ways to have an impact in your organization.




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