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Here are some technology blog ideas and its role in simplifying one’s life. It will share insights on how to utilize the latest technologies to make things easier and less cumbersome.

From an iPad to a Roomba, there are plenty of ways that technology can be used to simplify your life. This is a list of some of the most awesome gadgets that will help you along your way:

1 iPad – has so many functions, it’s almost unbelievable! From browsing the web, checking email, editing documents or watching TV; this device does it all. The iPad 2 is the best iPad (neither one does a great job of saving money if no plans are made for replacing it!) but it’s still pricey.

2 Hands-Free Gadget – The most awesome gadget of 2014 is Amazon’s Echo. This little device connects to your home WiFi and allows you to talk to Alexa, its voice synthesizer, who will then ask you questions and provide information. It does the same as Siri on an iPhone, but more futuristic–and cheaper! It’s fun to play around with and has really opened my eyes to how we can use technology in new ways.

3 The Amazon Fire – a bit cheaper than the iPad, this tablet has a lot of storage space and is compatible with Hulu, Netflix and tons more. It comes in different colors so you can choose which one suits you best!

4 Latch Connected Pacifiers  – babies are expensive. They need clothing, furniture, toys and it all piles up. Fortunately, there are now pacifiers that will help infants save money! “With Latch’s patent-pending sensor technology and the downloadable app (only Android currently), parents can track how long their baby has sucked on the soother and be alerted when it is time for a new one. That means parents can keep track of how long the baby has been sucking on the pacifier without having to hand-feed it. Latch’s sensor technology will also help parents prevent choking.”

The app also integrates with the Latch-enabled electronic device so that when you are buying one, they automatically show up in your cart. They sell for about $20 .

5 Wearable Tech – Using a smart watch is nothing new– but with new technology being released every year, we are seeing some pretty neat things , such as: a “smart” sweater that can monitor blood sugar levels, a smart jacket to tell when you are falling and an Apple Watch which tells how many calories you have burned throughout the day.

6 Smart Appliances – Samsung is king of the smart appliance world. Along with their ‘Smart’ Dishes, they make refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers that can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

7 Wristband – A wristband that takes your pulse is becoming all the rage in health care but why it’s cool enough to be on this list, I’ll leave you to decide.

8  Roomba  – You can clean your room when you’re not there? WOW! This little guy doesn’t eat up any extra energy (unlike a vacuum cleaner), but he does clean as well as one. He has a camera so if he gets stuck in your carpet, he will keep going until he gets unstuck and it also has a special wheel that allows him to navigate the house on his own.

9 IQ Wearable – Our brains are amazing. With a ‘brainwave navigator’, we can find out what our mind is up to–which is pretty cool! And you can use it while you sleep

.10 Smartwatch – “The best smartwatch of 2014 is Asus ZenWatch. It is a bit pricey but it has a great design and tons of features. If you are looking to get a nice smartwatch that can be used as an accessory everyday, then you should definitely check out the Asus ZenWatch. It has a great price point and it looks amazing.”

11 Amazon Echo & The Internet of Things  – An internet-connected device that you can control with your voice? That’s pretty awesome! With Echo, you can turn lights on and off, receive the news, listen to music or radio stations and so much more. 


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