10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Blog Successful

Marketing Blog

Marketing blogs are a great way to generate leads and make sales for any business. Marketing blogs can also help raise awareness of your company, create more trust between you and your target market, and give people an inside peek into who you are as a person. See more about What is a marketing technology blog

Marketing Blogs are an easy way to connect with your target audience and showcase what the company has to offer. Marketing blog posts will usually have all the information necessary to generate interest in what you have to offer, but there are some things that every marketing blogger should do before publishing their first post. In this article we’ll discuss 10 ways that will ensure your marketing blog is successful!

Include essential contents:

Include content that your target market is interested in. Marketing blogs are a great way to reach out and connect with potential clients, so make sure you’re focusing on which audience you want to reach.

Create attractive logos:

Create an attractive blog cover logo and header banner that will grab people’s attention before they even click through the post. This can be done by using images or video clips from popular movies/shows, quotes of famous authors or leaders (think Winston Churchill), designs related to pop culture icons like Star Wars, etc.

Add buttons for easy access:

Add social media buttons at the top corner of every single blog post for easy access if someone wants to share it with their network!

Make sure there is enough interesting content without overloading readers. You’ll want to include bullet points and short paragraphs of information that can be easily scanned.

Don’t forget the call to action! 

Marketing blogs should always have a clear direction so readers know how they will benefit from reading your post, which is why it’s important to include a strong “buy now” or “subscribe today!” button at the bottom of each page.

Include strong calls to action throughout the post  “read more” next to bullet points, share this link on social media buttons at bottom of page with call outs that say things like “please retweet”, etc. Marketing blogs should be an interactive experience where readers can educate themselves about new products and services without being overwhelmed by too many details.

Use photos in your posts:

Use graphics in your posts when possible photos are usually best because people like visual content more than just text! But keep in mind that if you use an image as part of your blog design make sure not all of it is covered up by words on any given page (you don’t want them scrolling horizontally).

Make sure there’s enough white space to make the post easy on people’s eyes.

Post unique contents: 

Encourage your readers to share their thoughts with you by leaving comments. Marketing blogs should be a two-way conversation, so ask for feedback in every blog post!

Make sure the content is updated often and that each article has its own unique value. Marketing blogs can’t just include posts about how great the company is; they need to also provide information related to trends, new offerings or products from time to time.

Add a clear CTA:

Add a clear CTA at the end of your marketing blog articles telling readers “what now?” This will let them know what action steps are necessary after reading this particular article, if there were any points discussed that they might want help with such as how to get a quote, or the best way to contact your company.

Use appropriate keywords: 

Make sure you use appropriate keywords and links in all blog posts for people who are researching topics related to your business.

Finally make sure your marketing blog is mobile friendly so it’s easy for everyone! Mobile traffic now accounts for over 50% of website visits (Source: Marketing Land), which means if your site isn’t optimized for mobile it could be costing you a lot of potential traffic!



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