10 Types of Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Blogs are not just for writers anymore. Blogs have become a form of content marketing and an important way to connect with your customers. Know more about What is a tech blog?

 Here is a list of 10 Types of Blogs You Should Be Reading:

  1. Industry blogs that cover topics similar to yours
  2. Niche blogs covering niche topics that you can contribute to or learn from
  3. Personal blogs written by entrepreneurs, artists, designers, etc., which often offer personal insights into the life of someone in your industry and gives potential customers insight on what it’s like working at their company
  4. Blogs that have an interactive component like forums, polls or quizzes
  5. News blogs with breaking stories about your industry
  6. Networking and Social Media sites where you can interact with the people who are also in your network. Sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook fall into this category
  7. Business blog of well known influencers within your industry (such as Seth Godin’s company blog)
  8. Industry publications which offer different perspectives on news items related to your business sector: magazines, newspapers, trade journals etc.
  9. Personal growth blogs discussing how entrepreneurs dealt with challenges they faced when running their businesses these types of blogs often provide lessons learned from other small business owners that may be able to help you overcome a similar issue
  10. Blogs about blogging, how to create content that appeals online and writing long form blog posts.

Blog Types Everyone Should Be Reading:

Student Blogs 

Blogs from students who are also educators to provide their own personal perspective on the education system and how things can be improved. These blogs give you a sense of what’s going on in classrooms all over the world, where most people aren’t able to get inside one.

Parenting Blogs 

These bloggers share their experiences as parents which often includes some advice or tips for raising children while juggling work and other responsibilities. They’re an excellent resource if you want ideas that others have tried before for dealing with issues such as potty training, getting your toddler into bed at night, teaching math skills etc.

Athlete Blogs 

If you love sports, you don’t want to miss these blogs where athletes share their personal stories and provide an inside look at how they developed into the players they are today.

Food Blogs 

What’s cooking? These bloggers get a little more specific than just food, with recipes for dishes that have become popular all over the world such as tacos or sushi. They also include tips on buying healthy ingredients first and avoiding processed ones which can be difficult when time is often in short supply.

Fashion Blogs 

If you love clothes and getting dressed up then this blog type should be of interest to you because it provides information on what’s going down in the fashion industry, including exclusive pics from runway shows around the globe. You’ll also find out about the newest trends in hairstyles and makeup that you can try out for yourself. These bloggers have got your back!

Hobby Blogs 

Find blogs about everything from knitting to gaming, camping, photography or gardening. You’ll find tips on how to do activities better as well as get ideas about new hobbies that are more likely to capture your interest than something like doing taxes all day long.

Mental Health Blogs 

These bloggers are here to help you with coping skills and offer advice on how to deal with the mental health challenges that come up in our lives such as anxiety, depression or stress.

Home & Garden Blogs 

This blog type is great for those who have a “green thumb” but also for people who want some ideas about home improvement projects they can try out themselves without having to go all the way to Home Depot.

Healthy Living blogs 

If you’re looking for ways to be healthier then these blogs will give you tons of tips when it comes time to make decisions like what specific foods to buy, how to workout properly, and what types of vitamins you should take.

Tech blogs 

If you want to keep up with what’s happening in terms of technology then this is a blog type worth following because they’re always aware of the latest gadgets (and sometimes even coming releases) before anyone else. Read one and never feel left behind again when it comes time to buy “the next big thing.”



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