10 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Cell Phones

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The tone of a cell phone is often how people first identify their boss. They are typically a bulky device that many people use for work purposes, but they aren’t always necessary for the job. Sparknotes are free to use a cell phone for personal purposes such as texting, surfing the internet, and even playing games. In some cases, bosses expect employees to use their phones for work. For example, they may need you to call customers or request materials or pay the bills. But remember that using it is really up to him. However, despite this convenience and problem-solving device being an essential part of the world today, there are certain things your boss needs to know about cell phones.

 The following is a list of 10 things your boss needs to know about cell phones:

1. Don’t leave the office if you are called on the phone.

If your boss calls you and asks you to take a call in a public place, such as at Starbucks or McDonalds, do not take his or her word for it when you have to walk around for 20 minutes. Keep in mind that people who are texting or sending emails don’t usually pay attention to other people at all times, so it’s best to stay seated and in direct contact with your boss.

2. Be ready for phone calls in the office.

Don’t assume that the call will just end because your boss has hung up the phone or ended a text message. If you’re not around, he may be trying to reach someone else, and that person is most likely not going to be happy when they find out they missed an important call while they were walking down the street or eating lunch. 

3. Don’t ever interrupt your boss while he’s talking.

If you’re in the middle of a meeting, re-arrange your schedule so you can be present for it without interrupting him. If he’s telling a joke, don’t answer the phone and ruin his joke for everyone else who is listening. Instead, let him finish the story and see if he wants to call or text you back later. It’s easy to lose respect for someone who can’t follow a simple rule such as this one. 

4. Put your phone away when you’re around your boss.

Don’t assume that he’s going to wait for you to finish looking at a picture or playing a game. If he asks you a question and you have to go back several pages, it could get really annoying really fast. In addition, never assume that it doesn’t matter if there is an unread text message on his phone because he can always read it later or ask someone else to let him know what was in the message. 

5. Follow the rules on using a cell phone in the office.

Don’t assume your boss will allow you to answer or make calls in his office because everyone else can. Make sure that you know where it is OK to use one, and you should follow those rules as well as company policy when using it anywhere on the premises. Check with your boss if you are unsure of where he wants them used and ask them before proceeding so they don’t think that they have to get another device if something comes up later.

6. Don’t be tempted to use a cell phone for something personal during office hours.

Many bosses will not allow it as it can be distracting to others in the office. If your boss allows you to use a phone during the day, make sure that nothing is happening that could potentially distract him during the meeting or while you are on a call. This might include talking to your kids or discussing work-related issues with other employees who are browsing Facebook or looking at photos on Instagram.

7. Use social media wisely.

Just as there are some who would like to ban social media from the office, there are others who believe that letting employees watch videos and check their email is OK. Make sure that you’re not being rude to anyone by doing this and never do it in the middle of a meeting or during working hours. If you have a family member who uses social media as part of their job, make sure that you don’t discuss these issues with other people during your lunch break or while on break at work.

8. Work-related email is work-related email.

If your boss asks you to send a note through email, be sure that it has a subject heading and is specific about the request before sending it. It can be tempting not to know exactly what he or she wants to communicate, but this isn’t helpful.

9. Never use your work phone to answer intense personal calls when at work.

If you’re on the phone with your best friend while they’re going through something really tough and you haven’t heard from them in a while and then they call you during work, it might seem like they’ve been waiting for hours because they really need to talk now, not later. But, you should put them on hold or ask them to wait until after work so you can answer the phone. There is no reason for you to interrupt your work schedule just because your best friend has something personal on their mind.

10. Never use your phone in a meeting.

Unless it’s an absolute emergency and your boss has told you in advance that he doesn’t want to be interrupted, it’s always best not to interrupt when you’re in a meeting with your boss or others. If he wants to talk about something more important, then he’ll ask you to step out of the meeting for a few minutes so he can tell you something important. 


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