10 Questions Every Tech Startup Must Ask

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Starting a startup is the first step to success

This post is geared towards tech startups and those who have an interest in the world of technology. Now that the holiday season has passed, we thought it would be helpful to share some thoughts on how to start off this year with a bang. 

So without any further adieu, let’s answer 10 questions every tech startup must ask:

1) What is your value proposition?

2) Do you know what your target customers want?

3) How do you plan on acquiring new customers?

4) Have you identified any revenue streams yet?

5) Who are your competitors and how are they doing better than you?

6) What’s holding you back from getting where you need to go faster?

7) What is your business model?

8) Who is your team?

9) What is your tech stack?

10) What are your long-term goals?

More things that you should ask yourself when starting a tech startup are:

“How does this problem affect people’s quality of life?” – This question helps the startup founder identify whether an issue has a human element at all. 

“Where does profit come from?” – Understanding where profits come from enables founders to make decisions about where to invest money and resources. 

“What does success look like?” – This question helps the founder set goals that are measurable, which often means they’re more achievable than abstract ones.

“What does success look like?” – This question helps the founder set goals that are measurable, which often means they’re more achievable than abstract ones. 

“How can we best help our customers feel understood?” – Learning about customer needs starts from understanding what their desires and motivations might be.

“This question offers an opportunity to define where innovation may lie: It asks founders to identify opportunities for new products or services that will fill a currently unmet need.”

“What do you want on launch day and when would that happen if all went well with development and funding rounds?” – This is important for understanding how long the startup has to fundraise. 

“How much money will be needed, and how likely are you to succeed in the next 12 months?”- Knowing these numbers can help founders determine whether they’re prepared enough for success.

Make sure that your team has goals set in place so they can continue to grow as an individual and work towards achieving their personal goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or whether this is all second nature  growth never stops!

With these 10 questions, you’ll have a better understanding of what your startup needs to focus on. Asking the right questions can be one of the most important steps in starting and running a successful tech company.

These are all ten key questions and more that any entrepreneur should ask themselves before diving into business or investing their time and money into an idea. The answers will help you determine if this is something worth pursuing further or whether it’s best left as just an “idea.” Do you need more insight? then you should check out more tech startup blogs available on the internet for free.



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