10 Guilt Free Fitness Tips


In this post, we’ll be going over 10 guilt free fitness tips that will help you stay fit and healthy while still managing to have the life of your dreams. Crunch fitness greenacres is also a nice option for fitness. We’ll cover everything from tips on cooking healthy meals, to the top fitness trends of 2016. Whether or not you’re a beginner or an exercise guru, there’s something to keep you motivated on this list!

No matter what goal you might have (lose weight, gain muscle mass) these tips are sure to help you in your journey. So read through them and try them out; they’re just what you need!

10 guilt free fitness tips are:

1. Start small

Don’t go into a fitness program with unrealistic expectations, that’ll make you frustrated and end up undermining your efforts. Instead, start small at first and gradually work your way up.

2. More is better

Research has shown that you’ll get a workout for more than an hour in the same way that you’d get less results if you exercised for less than an hour. So whether it’s a ten minute walk or an hour-long workout, don’t be afraid to push yourself to try something new every day! You’ll be surprised how quickly caloric expenditure doubles from one day to the next.

3. Take a hot shower

Not only will it help you relax, which is especially good if you’re a beginner, but it’ll also help reduce the soreness in your muscles. Before or after a workout is fine, just make sure that you’re not so hot that you’ll shock your nervous system by jumping into cold water!

4. Be consistent

Like any new skill or hobby, if you want your fitness to improve then you need to practice regularly. Small amounts of practice every day can lead to big results over time. That’s the concept behind ‘absentee gains’ 


5. Walk

Even if you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, walking can be a great way to get your feet moving. In fact, it’s been shown that walking can improve insulin sensitivity as well as numerous other health benefits. So why not do a few simple walks every day? You might want to carry your phone with you though! If you live somewhere where there isn’t any decent public transport, consider taking your car for a drive and park the car at the end of your walk so it doesn’t become too much of an interruption. 

6. Reduce stress

Stress can have a big impact on your health and fitness levels. If you’re under a lot of stress then it can be easy to put eating and exercise on the backburner.

7. Eat enough food

Now this may seem a bit obvious, but if you don’t eat enough you’ll end up feeling weak and tired – which will make it hard to follow through with your fitness training. A good rule of thumb is to aim for about 3500 calories per day, but how many calories that actually is depends on your age, gender, weight and activity levels [more here] . You should also be aiming for about 20% of those calories from protein and 55% or more from carbs. Fats shouldn’t make up more than 30% of your daily intake.

8. Don’t let go of the weights

I see it all the time, people who start a fitness program and then give up soon after. When you start with weights you have to push yourself to lift them and that can be daunting! Don’t worry though, if you’re worried about getting hurt then you don’t need to start immediately. Instead, choose a weight that’s challenging for you and make sure you push yourself just a little bit every time. Then after a few months of sticking with it, try lifting heavier weights until eventually you can do whatever your goal workout is!

9. Write a workout plan

Don’t just wing it when it comes to your workout. Instead, write out a plan and follow it every time you go to the gym. Not only will you be able to assess your progress and see if you’re sticking with it, but you’ll have something to keep you focused on your goals. This is also important if you’re following a diet plan as well!

10. Reward yourself

The biggest obstacle that I see people run into when they first start with fitness is that they get discouraged and give up too soon. The key is to reward yourself for sticking with it. For some people it’ll be by buying yourself a new pair of shoes, for others it might be getting to eat cake every day on your birthday! Find something that works for you and make sure you’re doing it when you’re feeling good and not making excuses!


So there you have it, 10 guilt free fitness tips to help you reach your fitness goals. I hope that this post was helpful and that you found some useful information in it. Please remember that these are just suggestions, not rules! Always make sure to listen to your body, be safe and always enjoy yourself. Remember, only YOU can get in shape!

No matter what goal you might have (lose weight, gain muscle mass) these tips are sure to help you in your journey.


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